Broadband for Residents

If a superfast connection is available, everyone can make use of this in their homes. The superfast broadband infrastructure will make the county one of the best connected locations in the world bringing huge benefits for all. It will be easier to stay in touch with relatives at home and abroad using social media sites, email or video links. If you find it difficult to leave the house or simply don't have enough time to do your shopping or pay your bills you can do both quickly and easily online. From a leisure and entertainment perspective downloading films, music and games will be much faster, and you will be able to have access to the latest news as soon as it is updated.

Superfast Broadband in Lincolnshire

Superfast broadband has the potential to provide individual with extra freedoms and opportunity such as: 

  • People with disabilities or caring responsibilities who would find it hard to travel to work may now be able to work effectively from home.
  • Flexible working will make it easier for people to have an improved quality of life through having more control over where and when they choose to work, with home broadband connections as powerful as in a city office.
  • Elderly people may now be able to stay at home and enjoy 'telecare' in preference to going into residential care.
  • Online learning will open new doors and expand horizons for thousands of people in Lincolnshire.
  • People of any age who have never before considered setting up their own business may find that it is a realistic option now that they have world class broadband connections at their fingertips.