On-line public services

Many national and local government and other services are now moving online - it's a much more cost-effective option. There is now a philosophy of “Digital by Default” from the Government. For example, for future claimants of Universal Credit all claims and interactions with the system will have to be undertaken on-line.  A similar philosophy means that all unemployment benefit claimants will have to conduct their job searching on the Governments new web site.

Fast broadband allows individuals and communities to easily access a wide range of services from sites such as www.gov.uk. This site allows users to find out information on a huge range of topics, from "who is the local neighbourhood policing team" to "how to make my community greener".

Success story!

North Kesteven Council successfully goes green - with their bins!

In February 2013 North Kesteven Council introduced a new scheme to help its residents subscribe to its opt-in Garden Waste Collection Service. The Council has made it easy for many residents by launching an online application and payment process. Since the scheme started in February 2013, there have been 27,144 residents who have opted in to this scheme with over 50% using the web-based form online (21% of the online subscriptions were from mobile devices). Click here to see the full story.

Public Services that are available online

www.gov.uk has the following services available on their website:

Lincolnshire County Council's website also offers a range of on-line services that you can apply for, at any time - from applying for a Blue Badge to School admissions. Go to their website here http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/contact-the-council/do-it-anytime-do-it-online/107860.article