Superfast Broadband FAQs 

What is superfast broadband?

Superfast broadband refers to speeds of 24 Mb/s and above. Speeds between 2Mb/s and 24Mb/s are referred to as 'Basic broadband'. To put these figures into context the current UK average download speed is 14.7Mb/s (OFCOM Infrastructure Report, October 2013).

Why do I want superfast broadband? What are the benefits?

People will be able to stream HD movies, download music in seconds, play online games, interact with businesses and keep in touch with friends and family via video calls. Businesses will enjoy improved efficiency, better connections with customers and exposure to an expanding global market. The possibilities are endless. 

Where will superfast broadband be available?

Lincolnshire Council has signed a contract with BT to build on the existing telecoms infrastructure in the county so that at least 89% of all premises should have access to super-fast broadband by April 2016, with the council aiming for everyone else to have access to at least 2Mbps broadband. For the first time ever, broadband should be available everywhere in Lincolnshire. To find out what speeds will be like in your area, visit www.onlincolnshire.org and type in your post code. Alternatively, call the Broadband Programme Office on 01522 552296. 

Why won’t everyone have access to superfast broadband? Why is superfast broadband not going to be available in my area?

Unfortunately, the money available for the improvements is not enough to fund 100 per cent superfast coverage. This is due in part to the fact that the costs rise significantly in bringing superfast broadband to the hardest to reach areas. However, technology continues to improve so opportunities should arise in the future for getting everyone to superfast speeds.

When will superfast broadband be available in my area?

The whole programme should be completed by April 2016. Work is taking place in several phases, and we will keep you regularly updated. You can find out when improvements are happening in your area by going to www.onlincolnshire.org and typing in your post code. 

Why is the information only by a partial postcode?

The information contained within the 'speed and coverage template' (SCT) varies in terms of granularity. The data on the phases of the rollout is provided to 6/7-digit postcode level, but the information on predicted speeds is only provided at 4/5-digit level.
Once detailed surveys are completed predicted speed data should be provided by BT and subsequently published to the OnLincolnshire website.

Why are other areas getting superfast broadband before mine? Who decides where and when superfast broadband is made available?

The roll out takes into account many factors, including local demographics and geography, planning requirements, the existing engineering infrastructure and the availability of suitable technologies to provide a service. It’s not possible with a programme of this size to plan every area at the same time so some areas will be planned and then enabled before others. 

Superfast broadband isn’t coming to my area – is there anything I can do?

There may be national funding for self-help schemes that communities can apply for.  If this is something your community would like to explore, please contact the onlincolnshire team at onlincolnshire@lincolnshire.gov.uk for further advice. 

Will I have to sign up for a new broadband service? How much extra will this cost?

To benefit from superfast broadband you will need to sign up with an Internet Service Provider. Prices are set by the providers and the services offered will vary so it’s a good idea to shop around. 

Will I have to sign up to BT’s broadband service?

No, BT’s network is open which means you will be able to use any Internet Service Provider that is active in your area.

Why isn’t my existing Internet Service Provider offering superfast broadband? Is there anything I can do about this?

Once the infrastructure has been upgraded, the decision whether or not to offer a superfast package rests entirely with the Internet Service Provider. If you have any issues with the packages they offer, you should contact them directly. 

Will I actually get the superfast speed advertised? Will it be reliable?

Industry-standard tests will ensure the improvements meet the requirements. We will also be asking local broadband ‘champions’ to test the speed of the new connections in some areas. The exact speed you receive will depend on a range of factors, such as who your Internet Service Provider is, your home wiring and computer, and how many people are using the service in your area. 

How much money is being spent on this project? Where is it coming from?

£48m of public and private sector money is being invested in improving the county’s broadband infrastructure. The cash includes £11.2m from the county council, £4m from the district authorities, £14.3m from national government and £18.8m from BT. 

Is this money being spent all over the county?

Work is concentrated in an ‘intervention area’ of over 150,000 premises. That’s half the premises in Lincolnshire. Although work will take place all over the county, the intervention area is predominantly rural. Public money is not being spent on any areas where a commercial supplier has planned to upgrade services to superfast in the next three years.

Wireless Technology Pilot FAQs 

What is the Wireless Technology Pilot?

Lincolnshire firm AB Internet has been selected after an open competition to bring faster broadband sooner to two areas on the east coast. They will use fixed wireless technology to improve the current broadband offering to a level that is over twice the current national average. 

Which areas will benefit from the pilot?

The areas to benefit are: 

·         Area 1 Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards and Willoughby with Sloothby

·         Area 2 Old Leake and Wrangle, Frithville, Stickney and Sibsey 

What speeds will be available and how much will I have to pay?

AB Internet will offer customers a range of packages, from a cost-conscious 2Mb/s through to a faster 50Mb/s internet service. This means customers can choose the one that best fits their individual needs. Details of AB Internet’s packages and costs are available from their website http://wireless.abinternet.co.uk or calling 01522 821111 or writing to AB Internet Ltd, The Upper Lodge, 62 Sewell Road, Lincoln LN2 5QX. 

When will faster speeds will be available?

The improvements should be complete by autumn 2013. 

Will I have to use AB Internet’s services?

If you want to use the fixed wireless, you will need to sign-up with AB Internet. However, other Internet Service Providers will offer broadband in your area using the existing infrastructure.

Who is paying for it and what does it cost?

The total cost is £300,000, paid for by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The money secured from the ERDF can only be spent on broadband in parts of East Lindsey and Boston.