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Weekly Reports for Communities,

Would you please add weekly reports by exchange?  The exchange I am on is shared by three villages plus a hamlet.  The current reports available cover either a very large area eg East Lindsey or very small areas eg all the villages are shown on different pages on the report.   
If this is not possible would you please update the percentage of registrations report more often?  Of all the reports available I think this is the best to share with my local community so we can see how our campaigning is helping our local registrations.
Thank you,
I've been asking for these statistics for nigh on six months now but to no avail. Rest assured, for the majority of the exchanges in Lincolnshire have demand levels below twenty percent by my calculations.,
There is a report by exchange with shared parishes and also parishes with shared exchanges. These can be found under News/Project News then go to the 2nd article called level of demand by exchange.

Onlincolnshire Team,
Thanks Jenny but this doesn't show how many households / business have registered against the total premises count by exchange.  

The last time the premise count by parish report was updated was 24th August.  This report would be more useful if it was updated weekly as the title suggests.  Even monthly would do.

Until we know the nature of the rollout (exchanges or single cabs) I think we need this information as Sarah suggests.,
Go to the News pages to see the newest reports for parishes, districts and exchanges.

Onlincolnshire Team,
Hi Robert

Our homepage on the website has an update of the timeline we're working towards. By mid to late March we will be re-launching this website so people can search by postcode to see what works will be done and when in their area.

At this time we don't have the plans from the preferred supplier as the contract is not yet signed.

At a guess Robert, it probably won't happen anytime soon.  If your exchange is currently serving ADSL MAX at best to around 500 premises then I would have thought the next step would have been an ADSL2+ upgrade rather than a jump from ADSL MAX to FTTC.

I've been doing some research on exchanges and the premises numbers they serve.  It would appear at the moment in Lincolnshire the 3 smallest FTTx enabled exchanges are:

Washingborough (4928)
Sudbrooke Park (5034)
Bourne (6361)

The next exchanges awaiting their FTTx upgrade are:

Scotter (3045)
Sleaford (8640)
Skegness (8845)
Boston (17981)

So I would hazard a guess that if your exchange isn't a similar size as 1 of those above you will probably have to wait while other exchanges are put first,
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