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Wireless Mesh Network Broadband

I live in Syston and so am using the Honnington exchange which is not scheduled for an upgrade until 2015. I have seen that North Yorkshire have successfully implemented a Wireless Mesh Network for small communities such as Robin Hoods Bay as seen at the web site I have just posed the question to Onlinconshire as to whether this could be tried in Lincolnshire and look forward to a reply. On the surface it is difficult to see why it has not been tried if it works so well. Surely it makes sense to make use of successful solutions from other areas.
Hi Douglas,

I believe it has been / is being tried. See link below:

I think there are many reasons why Wireless isn't the preferred method of rolling out broadband to rural communities, but for some communities it clearly works.

Have you seen the B4RN project? I'm currently looking for interested parties to get a similar project off the ground.

Regards, Ben

Syston is relatively close to Grantham and would be covered by the 4G rollout in the town which should happen soon with EE (end of the year). As a stable stop gap measure that may be your best bet.

Where I am in Caythorpe we also are scheduled for fibre in 2015. We however are equidistant to four major towns and may be in a black spot for 4G.

I currently use Three's One Plan to tether and achieve speeds of 10Mbps down regularly. The situation is slowly improving and will only get better.
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