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Lincoln to get more super fast broadband...

...but what about the rest of the county?!?

Whilst any increase or improvement in bb provision has to be a good thing, giving the County's capital city "faster" broadband - as reported by OnLincolnshire here - just highlights the stark contrast around the county.

BT are playing a 'headline' for popularity, by taking a very safe commercial move. Heavily (relatively speaking) populated area. Investment in bb infrastructure. Result = profit.

And again the more rural areas who are in desperate need of improved , or even "any",  broadband gain no benefit.

What a sorry situation!
Wouldn't it be nice if BT would twin every heavily populated area super fast broadband improvement  with a rural area super fast improvement. At least we would feel involved rather than ever waiting!!!
I agree with Stephen's comments about BT "headlines" and "safe commercial move". Living in Sleaford, which would probably not count as rural, we have very poor connect speeds - and I can see the BT exchange from my front door!

So it will be interesting to see when we get on the list for an improved service.
When I saw the report of the Lincolnshire allocation of £14 million to improve broadband speeds (only ADSL). My cynical thoughts were the towns would get the spend and the villages forgotten.

I have yet to see evidence to the contrary.

We, outside Grantham in the Lincs part of the Vale of Belvoir, are in an ADSL very-slow spot.  My village is 8 km from the Long Bennington exchange, but we still synchronise at about 1200 kbps.  The trouble is the download speed was between 25 kbps and 350 kbps.  The upload speeds were always better at 488 kbps.

I got fed up 3 months ago and ordered, and installed 2 way satellite from Avonline.  This gives me 10 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up.  There is a problem with the cap.  But install costs were not way out of the world (£160), with monthly costs of £25 and purchase of the satellite dish and modem at £160.

Been with it for 3 months now and it is OK.  Forget using 2 way satellite if you are an interactive gamer.  The ping is 837ms.
We at LINPOP are rolling out a proper braod band service in Lincolnshire see the web site
We currently are targeting the North Lincolnshire and Trent Valley regions with new customer joining every day.
We have had a fantastic response from our new customers and existing customer.
Check out the web site and register your interest, we are looking for areas that there are sufficient groups of people that need good quality bradband so that we can selelct the most active areas to get going - in the 20 1st century!!

DR Vaughan Kitchin

There is already fibre in Louth (from LINPOP) - BT's feed to this town will be to the main exchanges and cabinets. As we all know that the limit of service is governed by the copper to the houses. This will not change, so the line services will lift to approx.  2-3M and not beyond.

The target of superfast broadband of 20-30M required by the government by 2015 is not achievable with the current infrastructure from the exchanges and it is not financially viable to swap all the copper to fibre.

So the promise of receiving this service to the rural areas of Lincolnshire is quite frankly untrue.

If you are lucky enough to be close to an upgraded exchange then service will improve but for most of rural Lincolnshire this is a pipe dream.

The only solution is to go to over-air distribution wireless technology (LINPOP), then no copper is involved.

Dr Vaughan Kitchin
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