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Villages in Lincolnshire to get superfast broadband


Will it be possible for villages close by those chosen, like Woodhall Spa is to Coningsby, to benefit at the same time?

Fingers crossed.

David Radford

Are there any timelines available for this please? I tried speaking to somebody at BT but they keep referring me to the samknows website:

And then the same question as David: will households connecting to the Exchange but who live further away also benefit?

looks like spalding wont get anything better than the bad service it already has.................

same old
Well i am really annoyed with this, in billinghay they are currently ripping up all the streets putting the phone lines and electric cables under ground and it is near to where they have said and we not getting done.

In fact i bet they wait until all this work is done in the village then start work on it :/

I live in the Lovenden exchange area. This covers a large area and appears to represent a major issue to BT to upgrade. All other providers are stuck with whatever BT can provide. So it is the worst of all worlds - speeds so slow I cannot watch video on you-tube, but I'm paying the same price as those with superfast. How do we get enough support such that BT have to do something?
Hi All!

Seems like we struck a few sore points!

I would still like an answer to my original question.

Perhaps someone out there near to an up graded super fast can help us.

Thanks for your participation thus far.

Hi Folks!

Just seen Digby was connected to Ashby de la Launde's super fast by a wireless link.

Could Woodhall Spa do the same with Coningsby I wonder?

Back to the Loveden exchange ... large area and BT's Infinity fibre to the cabinet will come here in about 20 years.

I got fed up with paying for up to 8Mbps ADSLMax with download speeds varying between 25kbps and 95kbps.  The 25kbps were the more normal experience.

I got fed up after needing to download a graphics driver file of 59.2MB, which took me 5hours 24minutes.

As all the ISPs (mine was Demon) are resellers for the BT backhaul to the telephone.  If I went else where I would be using the same BY ADSL backhaul.

Took the plunge with Avonline/Tooway satellite broadband, which gives me 10Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up.  Equipment install costs by contractor £160 (can be DIY for £50).  The speed I chose is their 8Mbps package @ £39.99 monthly.  The AUP cap is *GB, which is a bit restrictive.  Also the equipment cost (satellite dish and modem) is £160 or £9.99 per month.

So, over the last 3 months it has been OK.
I run the village South Kyme website and try to keep up with the latest news through on-lincolnshire. I've managed to get a few more village residents to register an interest but most think we've no chance of ever getting a high speed broadband link.
By keeping on at BT over the last couple of years I'm getting speeds of between 1.5 and 2.4 mbps. These speed were considered not possible 2 years ago. The point is ... keep on at your service provider 'ad nauseum'. Speeds are improving overall.,
The Fulbeck exchange which is part of the Loveden area code looks like it will be updated sometime in 2014 as it's relatively large for Lincolnshire. The exchange has recently been updated to ADSL 2+ so clearly the exchange is viable for BT.,
Heckington Exchange is due to be upgraded to ADSL2+ at the end of August so that also brings hopes for the future especially when sleaford exchange is going FTTC next year so hopefully EMHECKI will follow very soon along with other surrounding exchanges!,

I am from Calcom Communications and we are a local ISP based in Navenby. We provide broadband wirelessly for around £20/month and I would be very interested in looking into linking notspots to recently enabled villages. Does anyone have a list of enabled villages?

When will Woodhall spa be online for Superfast broadband or is it already? My ISP says it isn't and only indicates which exchanges will upto the end of 2012 ,
Hi Frank- your Exchange has been updated to ADSL 2+ which means that you'll see an increase in speeds if you live closer to the exchange than 4km. Line stability will increase too. ,
thank you Edward I live about 300 yards away. Strangely my internet has been playing up recently and I keep getting periodically disconnected,
I have my fingers crossed too, every village around WEST DEEPING has super fast broadband, we are 2mb slow!,
Not 'every' local village! Tallington can't get it as we haven't got a cabinet! WD could get it soon when Market Deeping is finished. (If not we might be able to help out IF we get Superfast FTTH that we are hoping for! Regards, Ken Otter,
I am with BT. Onlincolnshire advised that Coningsby has fibre optic available now. However BT have told me that they have no plans/intention of providing us with the desired high speed service yet and that Boston is next on their list to be upgraded.,
HM, I am on the Coningsby exchange and was getting 10 - 14Mb this is now down to less than 1.9Mb following a major outage. I have just checked on the web site and BT marketing says I should get 21.5Mb!

According to the BT site Infinity is not available.
Just realised we don't have a green cabinet instead we have multi-pair to the pole! This is why I cant get Superfast!So much for jobs having perks :) !,
Right update, Broadband back up to speed thanks to a nice man at Openreach. As to Infinity, I think I am directly attached to the exchange so it may be available elsewhere in Coningsby.,
Thanks Ian you for your confirmation that Coningsby is connected by fibre optic. I live close by in Scrub Hill with my contract due for renewal but from all dealings with them per telephone I think that no one really knows what is going on. Will have to try again.,
Hi Clinton,

The Coningsby exchange does NOT have fibre optic cable to it's ascoiated cabinets so you will be unable to get a 'high speed service' at this point.

Further to my post on 10 Jan 2013 thanking Ian Ransom for confirming fast BB from Coningsby T Exch.
Try as I might, both BT and Openreach absolutely
refuse to admit that Ian Ransom is receiving fast BB from this exchange, identified by Exch code SLCBY. If BT cannot provide a fibre connection to other BT customers, is BT providing fibre to other ISPs at this exchange? I do hope that someone from this forum or onlincolnshire might clarify the true facts.,
Clinton - re your message above I have to agree with Owen. If you check the BT Openreach website ( there is no mention of an upgrade to the Coningsby exchange. The Sam Knows website ( confirms this. This confirms that fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) is not currently available in Coningsby.
You may be confusing this upgrade with the announcement in 2012 that the exchange had been upgraded by BT Wholesale. In theory this should have provided a more reliable and faster service. However, this is not an FTTC upgrade and  does not yet allow consumers in Coningsby to access Superfast broadband such as BT's Infinity package.

Thank you to everyone that troubled themselves to respond. Unfortunately I believed Ian Ransom in his post above claiming 11-14 mb speeds and which are only possible with fibre. It looks like BT will learn me to be even more patient. Once again thanks to all.,
Hello Clinton Buckley

I have not checked whether the exchange you refer to has been upgraded to ADSL2+ (up to 20 Mbps). If this is the case, and Owen is within 1 mile from the exchange then he is quite likely to achieve 11 to 14 Mbps downloading speeds. If he was right next the exchange he would achieve the full 20 Mbps download.

The claim that FTTC is needed to get this speed is not true.  But, if FTTC was available then the speeds available, dependent on the BT package paid for, would get speedy of 38 Mbps or up to 76 Mbps.

Please check your facts before making statements like that above.

Dear Clinton

This is the result of the test on my phone line from BT's Broadband Website;

The results for my telephone number is

"WBC ADSL 2+ Up to 21.5 -- 19.5 to 23 Available"

Where the first information is the type of service, the second the downstream speed range and the last information what is actually available.

ADSL 2+ is not fibre, I do not have a green cabinet, I am on a direct connection to their exchange.

If you read through my comments, I have never stated that Coningsby was able to provide fibre service.


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