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Back in February Community Lincs held a Broadband Conference at Washingborough. At that conference there were 22 people who signed up to become Digital Champions. Following on from that there was a meeting held by Community Lincs that included those Digital Champions to discuss what they could do within their communities to encourage more people to register with Onlincolnshire. Since then there have been a significant increase in numbers within their communities.

If you are someone who can encourage others and raise the awareness of the importance of registering for superfast broadband, sign up here and Community Lincs will get in touch.

I would be more than happy to be a digital champion for my village/parish, but actually, I have in fact already been fulfilling that roll. My village up untill about 4 weeks ago, had only made 7 registrations, and languished in 96 place in the registration league table. Now following my postings of eplanatory flyer's to all 228 of the  residence's in the parish of Sutton St Edmund, we have progressed to 6th in the tables with 83 registrations, and to 1st place in Sth Holland district by a huge margin. If all that being a "digitall champion" means is to harvest registrations, then I have completed that task, but if there is anything else that you can suggest that I can do, please dont hesitate to let me know.
Mike Baker
Hi Mike

I like your reference to the 'registration league table' - I may use that! Just so you're aware, I've put updated reports on our site, go to our News page and it should be the first article.

Yes, you are a digital champion and your work is much appreciated. I don't know if Sutton St Edmund has a parish website or newsletter but that may be another way to get out the message that Lincolnshire needs Superfast Broadband and we need to show that demand.

Thanks again
Onlincolnshire Team
Hi Jenny, yes, it does have a parish website, but is hardly ever visited by anyone, hence my posting flyers, which has proved to be the most effective way of getting people to register. Now I wonder, that as the amount of registrations for this community accounts for more than one third of all registrations in the South Holland district council's area, if this will eventually  be reflected in the actual installation of a fast broadband network, or will this all be ignored by a contractor who will only still be interested in cabelling up high density population area's, which already enjoy a fast broadband connection, because like BT, it will not be in their fianancial interest to do small populace area's like Sutton St Edmund. (PE12)
Mike Baker
PS: Glad you liked the league table analogy.
hi Jenny,

Is it to late to sign up and if not where do I do it.


Hi Steve

Community Lincs are working with us to encourage more people to become Digital Champions in their communities and businesses. They have a website They also have a dedicated Project Officer called Ian Ransom. You can contact him initially through the website.

Let me know if I can send you any promotional material to help you as well.

Hi Guys my name's Ian Ransom and I am the new chap over at Community Lincs. We are working in conjunction with Jenny and her team at the COunty Council to bring Superfast Broadband to Lincolnshire. As part of my role I am happy to come and discuss this project with anyone wishing to be a Broadband Champion at your convenience. I am also available to give presentations, informal talks or hand out leaflets at any functions. Living in Lincolnshire I have the same vested interest in this project as all of you.  My email address is Feel free to drop me a line if you want help, or even if your project is well under way, its good for us all to work together on this.

Best regards,
Ian Ransom,
Hi, my name is Roger Webb and I am trying to drum up interest in my village, Woodhall Spa. I am receiving support from both Ian and Jenny for which I am grateful. At the moment I am walking around businesses in the village in a bid to get them to show their support.
HOWEVER, when I view the tables to see how well we are doing I see that they were last updated on the 20th of July. The blurb says that they are updated weekly. They do not say how far out of date the update is! If this is to show how 'on the ball' the campaign is then I would respectfully suggest that this need to improve.,
Hi Roger

My apologies for not updating the reports last Friday, time seemed to get away from me! I realise these reports are becoming increasingly important to those of you who rely on them to update others, so you can be assured they will be updated every week.

I'm also working on a different report that shows the percentage of registrations based on number of premises within each parish. You will see that up every week as well.

The tables are now updated that shows how many people have registered in all areas. There is also a new report which shows the percentage of those registrations by parish. This report will become important to the potential suppliers who will be looking at what areas to roll out first. Go to our News/Events page ,
Hi Roger
Your work is paying dividends! registrations up as of 20/08/12 from 61 to 95. Lets hope they  keep rising!
Hi Roger, registrations now up to 176! One of the reasons why East Lindsey consistently have the highest amount of registrations. ,
Many of you may feel that with the close of the registration process the main work of a Champion is over. This is not the case, there are many other tasks we can carry out to help our communities.
Firstly, whilst the contract to supply the infrastructure has been awarded, we still need to ensure that as many I.S.P's as possible are attracted to Lincolnshire to offer us choices.
Secondly, many people still "don't get" the Internet, Universal Credit and Online Job seeking now make this a priority. These people need our help and guidance and we will be arranging events to help with this.
Lastly, there will be those who don't physically get Superfast, we need to be able to offer them choices and solutions.

We are aiming to provide a network of training and help across the county, If you volunteer for someone who does this already then we'd love to include you on our database.If you have a few hours a week, fortnight or month you can spare please contact We would love to hear from you.

Now a very old link I know, but is there any more information on this now? I see the above link to:// no longer works. I live in Stamford and have noticed a large amount of the villages surrounding Stamford now have access to Gigaclear which is a 1GBps internet provider. BT seems ever slow is delivering their promises; and with schemes such as the governments gigavoucher now has never been a better time to rally the residents of a town and get them signed up to a provider who then may choose to install FTTH (Fibre to the home) rather than FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) Look at Peterborough for instance, Vodaphone is installing 1GBps across the city at a rapid rate (Peterborough is on the main trunk line backbone for the countrys broadband) and Stamford is not far away) I believe if enough interest is shown from residents this would greatly speed up the process. Perhaps by means of leaflet drop or such to make people aware and to register on a pre-determined supplier
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