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What I would like to know is when we who live in Digby are going to get a bit more broadband speed????? at the moment residents of Digby only get 0.75 MB on average, the other choice we have is to be MONOPOLISED by Connexin who charge us £30 a month for Broadband only, which at peak time the speed goes so low that one cannot even watch BBC I player.
Where is the competition of the Broadband suppliers that the government talks about, it just doesn't exist in Digby.
Good Morning Peter,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

We are looking to complete the upgrade of Digby by 30th September and we will push BT hard to meet that date.

With regard to both Connexin and competition as a whole, I'm not in a position to comment on the business models of individual suppliers, but I will offer one observation. Broadband suppliers, in line with many other types of suppliers, are driven by commercial viability. If there isn't money to be made, they do their best not to go there.

This scenario is evident in our broadband deployment, in that Government and Public funding was necessary to persuade BT to deploy to the more remote areas. without this funding, they would have deemed most of these areas as not commercially viable and not gone near them. Virgin Media are another example where their infrastructure is almost entirely in and around large urban clusters.

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