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Beesby Residents

Good Morning

I am speaking on behalf of the residents of Beesby (LN130JG), all of which (to my knowledge) would be eligible for the subsidy. We are not currently included in the Phase 2 rollout, and are investigating options for an enhanced (affordable) broadband service.

Not sure what this thread will do, and I have made contact with BT already, but any help or advice would be appreciated.

Good Morning Jon,

There are a number of options currently available.

If you have contacted BT, they will likely come and meet the community to discuss a joint fibre build between BT and the community. Eligible premises can use their sub-2Mb/s subsidy to help with this.

Alternatively, you can do the same with one of the fixed wireless providers, assuming they can achieve coverage, or thirdly and probably last chance saloon, you can a\pply for the satellite option.

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