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AB Internet/OnLincs

Many people who use the Internet assume that you need a phone line 95% of people dont know AB Internet offer fixed wireless internet with speeds up to 50 Meg wouldnt it be a good idea for OnLincs or AB Internet to put on a workshop in a evening at a local village hall in the places they go live in, Also as this is a new technology and most don't understand it would AB Internet be better offering a 3 or 6 month contract as a way to show customers that they dont need a phone line to get fast internet, The reduced contract would get people testing there product ok some will only stay for that period but some will stay with AB Internet once they see the quality of the service, 3 or 6 month contract will attract those who are skeptical like myself if they only stay for the reduce time period its better to earn off the reduced time contract than be ignored as FTTC will be fitted with 12 months.

Good Morning Tim,

Thanks for writing in.

You raise some valuable points in your comments and it is true that the technology isn't as well known as we would wish it to be. We do feel that where the requirement of the individual is for broadband, the need for a telephone line is significantly reduced particularly in areas where mobile coverage is good. Most mobile packages these days offer very good deals on calls tro mobiles/landlines. On that basis, it is possible to cancel your line rental to BT.
Your point re. contract lengths is well worth discussing with AB Internet and I will pass on your thoughts to them and seek a response. Likewise, localised information briefings.

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