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Seems to be very Little Involved to Speed up Some Areas

It seems to me that in the smaller exchanges an upgrade by BT from ADSL to ADSL2+ would increase DSL (Broadband) speeds even on the longer lines,it may mean some folk have to upgrade their router to work with ADSL2+, those close to these exchanges should see their download speed increase from 7meg to 12+ meg plus a doubling in the upload speed, this must be a much cheaper option than running FTTC, and the savings could be used to help area's that cannot get DSL and would really benefit from FTTC.
The fact is that ASDL 2+ only really speed up areas that are nearer than 4km from the exchange. For example Caythorpe, one of the largest dwellings in the ADSL 2+ Fulbeck Exchange with some 600 houses, is about 4km from the exchange. This means that around a third of homes in the exchange see no real improvement in their broadband speed even with ADSL 2+.

FTTC is clearly the way forward for all homes and although 12 meg might seem quite quick now, in reality it will seem slow by 2015 as more services are delivered via the Internet.
I live in Glentham and I can't even get 2meg let alone 7meg
I agree with Mr Bartlam - those exchanges where under 1Mb speeds are currently experienced (such as here in Moortown on North Kelsey I believe) should be receiving some improvement instead of what seems to be an endless concentration on going faster and faster in areas with a service that rural areas would love to have 50% of. We all pay the same taxes.
I know our situation is no worse than many others here in rural Lincs, and perhaps better than some but how can we find out and pressurise BT regarding the promised and long awaited Metheringham Telephone excange? We read that nearby Ruskington is about to get a boost to its' availiable broadband speeds whilst here in Digby there are properties who cannot get BB at all and those who can would love the speeds Ruskington already enjoys. How many others are tired of BTs ads. for superfast BB when they can't even get any BB supply to places like Digby or can only get a miserable half a meg.? Who will pursue BT on behalf of the thousands of affected households so poorly served by BT. They only seem concerned in giving more to those who already have more. Help someone please.
Hi all,

Just found this forum and read with interest some of the comments of living and working in village environments and the frustrations of poor technology. I live in Foston and have suffered from 0.5MB broadband connection speeds, which is pretty much unusable. Things like youtube and bbc iplayer just will not run and general browsing is a slow painful affair. I work from home a lot and interact with my office based colleagues, again this has been less than satisfactory.

Recently, so fed up with the situation, I invested in a Three network, the mobile suppliers, dongle and tried their cellular network offering. WOW what a difference! speeds of up to 5MB with an average of 3.5MB throughout the day. Not fast by any means but an enormous amount better than previous speeds.

We used our fixed telephone line very infrequently as both my wife and I tend to get calls from friends and family on our mobiles so I have cancelled our fixed line and the total mobile package has turned out to be cheaper. I am limited to 15GB download each month so have since bought a second connection which covers all my needs and is still a more cost effective solution. A 3G router and the circle is complete, fast(er) broadband round the house.
Hi Robert

"Who will pursue BT on behalf of the thousands of affected households so poorly served by BT. They only seem concerned in giving more to those who already have more. Help someone please."

I know exactly how you feel, I thought this was why Onlincolnshire was set up. They seem to talk the talk, but I've yet to see them walk the walk.

I live in Kirkby Underwood, 2.7m from Dowsby exchange, I get a whopping 0.75mb dl & 0.2mb ul, working from home when the kids are at home becomes a nightmare as the bandwidth just isn't there to support music dl & VPN connections. I am investigating satellite connections but fear the ping required for my companies VPN is faster than sat BB can provide, does anyone have any thoughts.,
As I understand it both Ruskington and Metheringham exchanges have both been upgraded to ADSL2+. I thought there was a wireless company offering broadband in the Digby area!,
if the wireless company that did RAF Digby and Ashby De La Launde is the one your on about then unfortunately they went into Administration,(NextGenUs),
Jordan - you are correct but the company has been purchased by a new organisation. I know a number of subscribers in Ashby and Digby and the service seems to be working very well at the moment.,
When I lived in Yorkshire I was 6.5km from the exchange,With standard adsl I could just about manage 0.5 meg download speed,when adsl2+ became available I switched to that and my speed improved to just over 3 meg,now a year ago when vdsl was first mentioned here,my location which is less than .5km from the exchange was earmarked for vdsl by Sept 2015,I see already that date has been pushed back to Dec 2015,so 3 years from my original posting in which we could of enjoyed adsl2+ with not only better download speeds but a much improved upload speed,along the villages on our exchange but 4-5 km away would of benefited from next to nothing to a something usable 2-3 meg down
Households are being targeted all the time to use the net more and more,with TV streaming,Movies online,families all having net connected devices,yet in this and many other areas in Lincolnshire if you do not live in a major Town or City it could be 2016 before you can enjoy using any of these seamlessly.
Am I the only one who thinks this is unacceptable,talking about improved services until the cows come home is one thing,getting the job done is another
Hello Mr Bartlam,

Thank you for taking time to write to us.

The project we are currently involved in will cover approximately 50% of the premises in Lincolnshire. This equates to over 144,000 premises to be upgraded/served.

When we looked at the deployment methodology, we considered the very dispersed nature of premises within the county and concluded that we would allow BT to deploy in what was the most cost effective and efficient manner, rather than direct them to specific communities in any order. In taking this approach, we will ensure that the infrastructure is built to deliver the best value for money.

Unfortunately, this meant that some communities would be near the front and others at the back of the deployment, but I can assure you that the deployment plan was agreed on the basis of delivering the best return for the money and the most effective engineering solution.

I would agree that historically the main urban areas of population have benefitted from an early deployment of VDSL under BT's commercial rollout, but by its very nature, their commercial rollout was driven by what they considered to be the most commercially viable areas in terms of return on investment. This project has been funded to cover the areas that the likes of BT, Virgin Media etc. would not normally consider to be viable under their own business planning.

I do accept that this doesn't help you in terms of moving timescales forward, but we are doing everything to press BT to finish as early as possible and believe we will have a degree of success in that space.

Please do keep in touch and we will update you as we progress.


Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
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