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Demand Stimulation,

Demand stimultation is a very important part of every local authority's Local Broadband Plan - to demonstrate to potential suppliers that there are prospective customers in their areas.

Lincolnshire County Council has been pressing the demand stimultation for quite a few months now. The Onlincolnshire Team has been attending events and shows to talk to the public about the broadband project. The campaign now is about registering as much interest as possible so we have the data for the potential suppliers when they go to tender in the autumn.

A report has been published highlighting various approaches Lincolnshire County Council has taken to drive up demand stimulation for superfast broadband. You can view and download the report by going to the home page at the bottom right.

We look forward to your comments in our Forum pages.

Onlincolnshire Team
Can I ask a brutally honest question? Is it actually necessary to run a campaign in a relatively large exchange? Surely the supplier (BT) are going to upgrade larger exchanges whatever I/my fellow villagers do?

I am becoming concerned about the delivery of Superfast Broadband in Lincolnshire. BT published yet another Infinity list today and no Lincolnshire exchanges were included. This is leading me to the conclusion that there is a distinct possibility of the 90 percent target not being met- given the fact that the majority of Lincolnshire is not scheduled to be upgraded before mid 2013.

Can we be sure that BT (or whoever else) will be able to upgrade the vast majority of exchanges in Lincolnshire within 18 months? I'm sceptical.,
I agree wholeheartedly. All I see is platitudes and procrastination. When are we going to see action taking place resulting in outlying areas with no or slow speeds being given at leat 5Mbps, pressure being put on BT and others,a published list of what will be done, where and when?
Until I see this happening and continuing to be aggressively pursued,I believe that all we'll get  is the promise of jam tomorrow and mere crumbs today. I must say that my interest is waning through the apparent lack of real progress which seems, mostly, so far, more to those who already have more yet out in the sticks who knows, who cares-no one apparently.,

First of all we have frequently replied to your first point and yes we still have to demonstrate to potential suppliers that there is demand for SFB right across Lincolnshire. Again we must stress that it is absolutely essential that individuals, businesses and communities are encouraged to register their support on the relevant onlincolnshire page. Regarding your second point BT last week announced that Boston and Sleaford would be upgraded in 2013 and those locations will then be able to subscribe to BT's Infinity package and services from other SFB providers.

Finally, we expect that the main BDUK upgrade will commence in 2013 and we expect it to be completed by the end of 2014 or very shortly after that.

All I would politely state at this point is that demand isn't great county wide. The highest exchange percentage wise (exchange size/On Lincolnshire sign ups) is Burgh on Bain with 27.5%. There are only ten exchanges so far with over ten percent demand (including my own of Fulbeck) with the vast majority of exchanges being under five percent demand.

Whoever wins the contract on the information that I can find is going to have a tricky time formulating a plan on these levels of demand.,
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