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Welcome to the Onlincolnshire Forum

Welcome to the all new Onlincolnshire forum.

This is where registered visitors can interact with each other whilst sharing knowledge and experience in relation to broadband in Lincolnshire.
Where is everybody?
Thanks for posting Alan.

The onlincolnshire website is being launched through the May edition of 'County News' - where we hope this will bring a new influx of visitors, registrations and contributors to the site.
I'd just like to comment that the broadband service in Skegness is absolutely dreadful.

I've been with 3 different ISP's (BT, Virgin, Freeserve/Orange), and all only reach a maximum connection speed of 1.5mb, which is dreadful since you pay for 8mb. Not only that but ping / latency's to server's are very high in comparison to the rest of the country.

Something definitely needs to change. I don't see why a well established bustling seaside town in 2011 still has an awful broadband service.
Thanks for setting this website up Richard.

Not sure where to put this information on this site so just to say that NextGenUs is now expanding its Ashby 1000Mbps FTTH network out across the North Kesteven District using wireless to give 10Mbps - 50Mbps symmetric internet access.

Any communities interested in better connectivity please get in touch via


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