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Support Lincs County Council in its bid for Govt funding

The Government is making funds available for areas with poor connections in rural areas that will not be served by private sector investment.

LCC needs your support to convince the Government to allocate funds to Lincolnshire by 8th April.

Please send a letter, indicating your support for a bid to Broadband Delivery-UK to fund superfast broadband in Lincolnshire to

OR register your interest at via this user forum
I've previously emailed East Lindsey District Council about their future broadband investment for my local area, but received no reply.
I even campaigned for my local community when BT Infinity website was running, as well as get a letter published in our local magazine, but what has this achieved? Absolute nothing. The only way I will improve on my 2meg speeds is to move house to probably a cabled area.
How do you attract businesses to the area, other new people to the area, or stop existing ones from leaving, if you cannot compete on providing faster broadband speeds?
Totally agree with you about the business situation Alan - the lack of good fast broadband is likely to prove a barrier to growth.  Hopefully with the onlincolnshire project there will be impetus gained and other commercial providers interested.
We would love 2mps, we struggle with 0.750mbs, and have been informed by onlincolnshire this will not be improved as we are too far from the exchange, and advised us to look at Satellite broadband, the cost is extortionate.
Good Morning Julie,

We would provide the actual installation free of charge and the end user would then pick up the ongoing monthly bill for whatever package they opted for. The ordering/installation process is still being sorted out and we will update the website once this has been finalised.


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