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Lincs signs its BDUK deal

At least, the press is reporting that they have in fact signed up BT to make £48M of improvements. Sadly the report makes no mention of what specifically those improvements will be (I presume there's a detailed plan if a contract that big has been signed - onLincs people, can we see it anywhere?), and mentions that the end of the rollout will be 2016 - later than the 2015 deadline but consistent with other councils.
Hi Ian

The Onlincolnshire website has been updated and re-vamped to allow individuals to see what will happen and when in their area by searching by their postcode. Go to My Area and put in a postcode and your results will come up. The results that are shown now are based on a 5 digit postcode and not the whole postcode. There will be surveys done nearer the time of each phase so at that time you'll see more detailed information. There are 8 phases throughout Lincolnshire and these can be seen on the maps page within the My Area page. This will allow you to see where and when the other phases will be.

Jenny Evans
The Onlincolnshire Team
Actually, the 'detailed maps' aren't very detailed at all, considering - there's some yellow around Grantham, for instance, that doesn't have enough geographical markings nearby that you can tell where it is, and in any case is fairly clearly created by putting green blurred spots on a yellow background.

Clearly that map has some underlying data you've made it from (exchanges? Street boxes?) - could you also make that available?
Hello Ian,

Many thanks for taking the time to raise the issues around the detail of the mapping. I appreciate the point you make around the lack of geographical markings making it hard to pinpoint which physical area the yellow on the map represents.
Unfortunately this map is intended to show a holistic view of the improvement in connectivity across the County and isn't physically big enough to display more detailed information on specific areas.

As you suggest there is of course underlying data used to create the map(s), but this information was provided by private companies as part of the 'Open Market Review' process; to ensure our information was as up to date and accurate as possible. The companies who supplied that data consider it to be commercially sensitive and as such we cannot share the entire data set.

If you do not find the information on the site insufficient please either email or call me on 01522 552296 to discuss any specific queries you may have.

Kind regards,

Owen Williams
Programme Support
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme
Lincolnshire County Council
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