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Spilsby - Cabinet 2

Great to see that the Spilsby exchange is enabled but no news yet on our cabinet (which is No 2 I believe). I was wondering if indeed there is any hard news on the likely enablement?
Good Afternoon Mark,

Thanks for wriyting in to us.

Cabinet 2 off Spilsby Exchange was upgraded in April of this year and you should contact your Internet Service Provider to see what they might offer.

I am sorry, I mistakenly asked about cabinet 2 and it seems we are on cabinet 4. I wonder if you have news on this cabinet please?
Good Morning Mark

Cabinet 4 is in the programme and due for completion before 30th September. That's all the updates I have at the moment, but we should know more as we enter mid-July, so please do keep in touch.

Thank you very much, that is very helpful. I will keep an eye on things as September approaches.
Thank you for the last update. Since we are now past mid July I wondered if there is any further news?

Thank you for your help.
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