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Phase 2

Hi just wondered if you were any further forward with the phase 2 planning please for the Tattershall Bridge area.

Good Morning David,

We were finalising the Phase 2 planning with a view to announcing very soon, but BT has pushed more money into Phase 2 and we are now looking to remodel again. Timescales are a little unclear at this point, but as soon as we know, we will announce it.

Hi Steve,

Any more news on phase 2 yet?
Hi David,

We are still awaiting a remodelling exercise to take place to take account of the additional funding.
Realistically, I think this will be about 2 months away before we can finalise anything.

TIme to check on progress again as everything seems to have gone quiet regarding phase 2.

Good Morning David,

We have had further funds added to Phase 2 and whilst this is clearly good news, it does mean that we are remodelling Phase 2 in terms of planned deployment.

We are looking to start the work earlier than expected in the New Year and hope to make announcements either at the end of this year, or the first few weeks of the New Year.

Great news perhaps Lincoln City Cabinet 113 can get in on that action.

Almost at the end of my contract with BT that i only took (in dec 2013) when they said should be Superfast Enabled in late March 2014.
Hi, we are moving to this area next month and having booked in BT for broadband connection on the current line have been told i can get "faster BB" at 8-14 mbps compared to the standard rate 2-4.5 mbps which the property currently has. The cabinet is i believe at Tattershall itself which is about a mile from TB, so i was wondering what the ACTUAL mbps is because of this distance?
What is the Phase 2 in the original question and answers above. Will there ever be FTTP rather than just FTTC?
Would be interested in hearing what Dave, who asked the original question, has, and any reply from OnLincolnshire team about what the future holds!

As we are currently down south and "spoilt" with Virgin speeds but dont actually stream much, (yet) though use the Cloud for storage , so how effective is 8-14 for downloading/uploading large files?!
Just a thought...if the current cabinet is a mile or so from Tattershall Bridge, and if they cannot install FTTP because of cost etc, can they not install a cabinet nearer to TB and run fibre between the original and a new one, which would presumably boost the speeds to TB properties even if they were still copper?
Or is there technology coming in to boost copper speeds?
Good Morning Richard,

Can you please send me the full address and postcode (in confidence) to my e mail address below and I can take a closer look for you.

Phase 2 is a secondary phase where we have been granted more funds and with which, we will attempt to increase broadband coverage. we are still remodelling the deployment plan at the moment on this one.

Hi Richard,

FTTP will almost certainly be too expensive an option. Should we upgrade the area, it will almost certainly be by adding another cabinet and using FTTC.

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately we can't get any superfast service at all as the line between cabinet 3 and TB is aluminium so the figures given are usually way off. We are quoted as 1 - 3.5 Mbps but using a standard modem get 1.8 Mbps. Using SNR tweaking on a billion router we can get a stable line speed of 2.5 Mbps but that's the maximum we can support. At a guess I would say that it would be the lower end of the impacted figures but who knows.

Any update on phase 2; you seem to have been re-modelling for several months now!?
Stephen (Brookes)

Could I suggest that you supplement the weekly update page with your progress on Phase 2 to keep us all informed.

Good Afternoon Jon,

Certainly is a good idea and something we will be keen to do. At the moment, the remodelling is with BT and we will try to get more specific details in terms of when we will see it etc. and report accordingly. Whether this will be every week at this stage remains to be seen, but we will see what we can do in terms of updates.

Phase two? Is this ever going to actually happen this has been dragging on for seven months and that's just this thread. Satellite is a non starter for anyone with a family as download limits are laughable. Radio is not available. This leaves us with ADSL2+ max speed with a lot of tweaking and very helpful Sky Pro team we have managed to get 2.5 Mbps but this is very unstable at times and then okay for months on end.

I do think it's time pressure was applied to get the remodelling out and in the light so we know what's happening and if we're even included in it.

Good Morning Steve

It is extremely disappointing that you have failed to give us any meaningful information on a Phase of works due to commence in 3 weeks time. However, in the meantime could you please advise on the technical solutions that are being considered by BT- eg it appears that the wireless option is being used successfully across the country ( including parts of Lincs) but by independent companies - so are BT using this technology or are they focussing on additional fibre / cabinets etc ?
Secondly, can you offer any information on whether LN13 0JG features in Phase 2 rollout pls. (pls feel free to answer by email if you prefer)

Many Thanks
Good Morning Jon,

When we get the revised plan from BT, we will publish details, but until I see it, I am not prepared to speculate on what might or might not be in it. We rejected 20 structures from the original deployment plan and have asked them to re-model. The re-model may well include work that we had already identified for the use of any underspend.
I am very well aware of the wireless solutions being deployed, Lincolnshire were the first to deploy a wireless solution three years ago and we as LCC have already negotiated with the Church county-wide to allow our incumbent providers access to their buildings. We are currently working closely with them to understand what additional work they might do for us in the future and you will see that we promote them on our website.
BT do have FTTRN to use, but are a little reticent to announce this. We will see what their Phase 2 offering looks like and then take a view of where and with whom we spend remaining funds.
With regard to LN13 0JG; it wasn't a part of the original Phase 2 but might feature in the new version and/or underspend etc.

So after months of waiting we're back to square one. Does seem to be that the last 5% will remain just that the last with areas of low population being put to the bottom of the pile unless we're willing to dig deep and pay fortunes to get FTTP. Satellite is absolutely useless for any family and wireless doesn't even cover much south of Lincoln so looks like sub 2 Mbps speeds are here to stay.
Any comment from Onlincolnshire on this matter or is FTTP our only solution.
Hi David

Thanks for your message

Please be aware that although your postcode does not feature in the current phase two offering, it will still be in the intervention area and the project team will ensure that funds are applied to ensure maximum benefit is achieved. Your fixed line broadband may yet be improved

Kind regards
Any news from phase 2 for Claxby (LN83YZ)?
We were dropped dramatically from phase 1 due to (apparent) £150k cost of a new cable under the rail line.
Local compaign to get Quickline to cover us is underway but rumours are now circulating that BT will be doing something for us afterall.
Any information would be useful thanks.
Good Afternoon Ian,

We are currently looking at a solution for the cabinet off Owersby Moor. We will discuss the options further during the next two weeks and make a decision from there.

Hi all is Phase 2 news any closer to being released as to wether the TB area is included or not.

Good Morning David,

Phase 2 is on our website in terms of your being able to check your postcode against our plans. we are about to announce Phase 3 and this will also be on the website in the same format before month end.

Hi all,
Any update or timescale yet on cabinet number 3 for LN11(Saltfleetby)
Good Morning Michael,

We have nothing set in stone as yet, but should have a clearer view as we move into May.

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