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Thorpe on the Hill

Does anyone have any news about broadband improvements to Thorpe on the hill?
We are currently receiving a speed of 7.2 Mbps with a paltry 0.2Mbps upload speed.
After moving to the village a year ago from Lincoln, the speed differential is staggering.
Thorpe on the hill is hardly 'rural' and geographically only has the A46 road between a high speed supply and the low speed supply we are experiencing.
Good Morning Kevan,

To assist me in answering your enquiry as fully as possible, can you please send me your full address, postcode and landline number (in confidence) to my E Mail address below.

Hi, having done the speed tests on a monthly basis, I took the time to check where we stand against the national averages.

So it turns out we are in the bottom 5.1% of the country. Surely BT/ BT Connect would be prioritising this band and the lower 0.8% that are getting less than 2mbps. It's now been 5-6 months since Phase 2 was supposed to be started yet no official announcements yet.
Good Morning Kevan,

Phase 2 was always scheduled to commence on 1st April 2016 following the completion of the current project on 31st March 2016. We are still on track to do this and are hoping to start a little earlier than expected.

With regard to those people who are sub 2Mb/s following completion of this project, they can now apply for a subsidised satellite solution which addresses the sub 2Mb/s scenario.

When the programme is completed, we anticipate providing Superfast broadband to at least 95% of premises across the county, in line with Government aspirations.

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