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We've updated our Forum page!

I hope you will agree that our new updated format is easier to read. Plus we've made it much more user-friendly by allowing everyone who goes on our Forum page to view it. We want to encourage discussions about broadband experiences between businesses, individuals and communities, along with suppliers of broadband. This will help us to have a better understanding across the county.

Please forward this to someone who you think would benefit.

Thank you, Jenny
Hi Jenny.
Lovely website and all that but what i want to know is WHEN the promised money from government - all £14 million matched by a further £10 million from LCC and perhaps £4 million from district councils - is actually going to be spent on improving broadband and WHERE will this happen.  LCC seems very happy spending council tax payer money on plans, communications, forums, road shows etc but no real money has been spent on actually improving the service.  Is the promised money just "Government spin" to be re-promised each year as if it is something new, but not actually, really, truthfully going to do anything for years?  If all it is doing is funding a website for people to be "consulted" then it is a false promise.  Or am i being too cynical?  Peter
Hi Jenny,
Was my comment too controversial to post?  How does censorship work on this site?  Peter
Hi Peter,

No, your post wasn't too controversial. I have only today seen it due to a technical problem when our web team changed the forum page - we usually receive an email notification when a new post arrives (I was wondering why there wasn't any new posts!). This has now been fixed.

In response to your original post, we of course were delighted with the recent government announcement that Lincolnshire will receive £14.3 million for rolling out broadband in the county. We are in the process of finalising our plans for the relevant government department, which is BDUK, and hopefully that will be achieved within the next couple of months. Once these have been approved by BDUK we will be in a much better position to provide you with a clearer plan for the proposed project.

I know this isn't very specific, but we will keep everyone updated on the progress. Thanks for posting.

Onlincolnshire Team
Thanks Jenny.  You will not be surprised if I remain cynical.
Can I ask what is the point of the Onlincolnshire site?  I got an email today with the headline "BT to boost Broadband speeds to 300Mbps" but of course when you read the article this has nothing to do with Lincolnshire.  Surely this site is just a waste of money.  We want action not pretty websites telling us what is possible in Milton Keynes!
Hello Peter

Our newsletter goes out each week to bring you broadband news, not only in Lincolnshire but nationally as well. This is so everyone is aware of what the internet suppliers are doing. I do realise that articles like the one you mentioned is disappointing to Lincolnshire residents as the upgrade doesnt include our area yet. However this proves the suppliers are committed to bring high-speed broadband to the UK.

I know sometimes it seems there is no action, but our website was developed for a number of reasons. The first and most important was to find out what kind of demand there was from the residents and businesses in Lincolnshire. To do this everyone was asked to register and to tell us what kind of internet connectivity they had. Showing demand is essential to our broadband bid to the government as well as encouraging commercial suppliers to invest in Lincolnshire. Please see this link which helps to explain where we are with the Lincolnshire Broadband Plan. This website has a whole host of advice for individuals and communities plus stories of how others improved their situation (see our case studies page).

I hope you can bear with us because Lincolnshire County Council is of course committed to this project, but it all takes time unfortunately.

Come off it Jenny.  You know and I know that Lincolnshire is not actually going to spend any meaningful sum of money in providing actual improvements to broadband in Lincolnshire in the near future.  It is pure spin for you to talk about the need to "register" and the benefits that will come from it.  I challenge you to tell me how much LCC has actually spent, or will spend in the next 12 months, on actual improvements as opposed to the administration cost of gatherinmg information with a view to putting pressure on broadband providers to maximise the return available to the public so that Lincolnshire can be at the forefront of the broadband revolution and lead the country with business friendly infrastructure - or some other claptrap.  Why don't you admit nothing is really going to happen? I am sorry to sound so negative but I am fed up with glossy web sites and emails promising things will happen when the reality is they will not.  Give us something tangible please! Best wishes - because I am sure you personally are doing your best - Peter.
I realise some people are getting a little frustrated over the fact that nothing is happening following the announcement earlier this year that Lincolnshire was to receive £14.3m to improve its broadband infrastructure.  I hope the explanation below will help to answer some of your questions and concerns.

A condition of the award is that the county needs to submit its broadband plan and that has to be approved by BDUK.  Before the government agrees to this there is a requirement that the county provides an equivalent match funding. LCC has already committed £10m from its capital programme and we are working with partners from both the private and public sector to achieve the rest.  Once that is secured we will then need to go to procurement and are anticipating that the private sector will match those funds.  As a result the project is likely to exceed £50 million and the county and its partners will have to provide £14.3 million.

Another requirement from BDUK is to prove that there is demand in the county and also to show what kind of broadband services are currently available across our county. This is why we need to keep up with the promotion of our website and why it is important to register we need to show demand.

I dont think in any of our communications that we have said that there will be an instant solution.  The government has laid out an informal timetable for Lincolnshire and we are hoping that our plan will be approved later this year or early next. At the moment, we anticipate contracts for the work should be awarded towards the end of 2012 with work commencing in early or mid 2013.

Onlincolnshire Team
Thanks Jenny.  It is a month later and no progress can be seen.  You said on 19 September that it will take a couple of months to get BDUK approval.  Have we got it yet?  What is the timetable beyond that?  I would like dates.  Martin Hill told us personally that committing the £14 million is not a problem - £10 million from LCC and the balance from district councils but underwritten as necessary by LCC.  So that should not cause any delay.
This forum - certainly this page of it - has attracted NO contribution from anyone else.  I suggest that the web site is a hopeless means of proving demand.  Demand is self evidently out there - you don't need to prove it.  We are past that stage.  Our village is so poorly served we take it in turns to have a 1Mb connection.  By that I mean when your rate falls to 100kb you pester BT to do something.  They visit and improve your speed to 1Mb BUT by taking bandwidth from someone else in the village.  That person's speed then drops to 100k and it is their turn to phone BT.  It is a ridiculous situation.  So much depends on decent broadband speed these days and the more the speeds are improved in big cities the more websites assume high speeds are available and the worse off we are in rural areas.  PLEASE get on with it.  Your web site would get far more public support and interest if it honestly told us what your problems were and when things would really happen instead of sticking to the bland vague promises of good times ahead.  Time for some reality please.
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