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Little Steeping


Is there any news on Little Steeping Cab 1 for a date yet please? Seems like years since all this started and would love to run more than 1 thing at once.

Good Morning Mark

At this point in time, Little Steeping Cab. 1 appears in Phase 2, although this might change as we have asked BT to re-model Phase 2.

Assuming that the position re. this cabinet doesn't change, I would expect this to be upgraded within the next 12 months. When we get the phase 2 model and agree it, we will publish an overview.


I was under the impression that the electricity connection had been agreed for this site so would have thought it was further along than a year.

Hope i am right :)
Good Morning Mark,

Phase 2 will start on 1st April 2016 hence the reason why I gave a timescale of circa 12 months. When we start Phase 2, we will get a much clearer view of expected completion date.

Thank you Stephen.
Stephen. Cab 1 Little Steeping is having its electricity connection done on Thursday 10th March. I cannot find anything out regarding it being live for internet. Can you advise please?

Hello Mark,

Steve is on annual leave until Monday, in his absence I will do my best to explain what is happening with Phase 2 currently.

Steve posted the following in a separate forum thread yesterday "We were in receipt of the Phase 2 Deployment Plan from BT, but sent it back for revision because we weren't happy with some parts of it".

We are currently waiting for BT to respond with a revised deployment plan and whilst Little Steeping 1 was not one of the structures which we raised concerns over, until BT respond with a revised deployment plan we are in the dark in regards to their planned timescales.

As soon as we have further information on the deployment plan and associated timescales we will be sure to publish the infromation on the website.

Kind regards,
Owen Williams
The cabinet is electrically connected. They are laying ducting from the exchange to the cab and the exchange already has fibre installed.

It cannot be long now surely?
The cabinet is still sat there. Carillion have been to it quite a few times and still no connection date. Can you let me know if you have one as it was a rush job to get it ready now it appears to be an ornament.

I guess ornament it is then.
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