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Gainshare Public Consultation

Hello Onlincolnshire

Let me first say that I very much welcome the Gainshare Public Consultation.

Having read the “gainshare_public_consultation__lccv2.pdf” document and looked at the accompanying map “state_aid_intervention_area_map.pdf” I have some observations that perhaps you can help me with before I attempt to comment.

Firstly while the map is useful it isn’t detailed enough to comment on. There are large areas of white in scope NGA’s which is encouraging but you can only estimate the areas that are covered. Is there anything with more detail? Perhaps a list of proposed Post Codes?

The second observation is that although the Gainshare Public Consultation Now Open page says “This consultation will enable all interested stakeholders - the public,……..” the PDF that provides details is not particularly clear about how a member of the public can comment on this. Clear if you are a business, more so if you are a telecoms provider but not if you are a member of the public wishing to comment on a public consultation.

Section 4 “Responding to this State Aid Public Consultation” seems to be for organisations only, given the contact information that is being asked for and a request for an authorised signatory.

Can you assist those members of the public that may wish to comment? As a member of the public and a small business owner battling with substandard connections in 2016 this may be my, and others like me, only opportunity to comment.

As always, many thanks for your help.

Hello David

Thank you for your suggestions. We did have postcode data which was supposed to be included but in our haste to share the information it didn't get put on, so thank you for pointing this out to us! I've also included a short note on the public consultation page so that Stakeholder other than telecommunication providers know to contribute. You are right, it is a bit ambiguous on the form but we can't change this unfortunately as it has all been signed off. I hope that this will help ensure that everyone has all of the information they require to make their comments.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
Kind regards
How does this relate to the ‘Phase 2’ roll-out that was due to start on the 1st April 2016?

I note my postcode is in the white and SF white columns (what is SF white?), does this indicate that I’m not in scope of the Phase 2 roll-out?
Hello Naomi

Brilliant. Thank you for your very quick response. The post code data really helps, as does the new information on the consultation page.

Thanks again

Hi Allan,

The public consultation is separate from phase 2; it relates specifically to funding which BT have to pay back into the investment pot based on the level of take-up of services during phase 1 as it has surpassed the level estimated in the contractual documentation.

When identifying the remaining superfast white (SF white) premises any post codes currently planned to be covered by phase 2 were removed so the fact that your post code is showing on the spreadsheet means that you are not covered by the current phase 2 deployment plan and that your post code remains eligible for further funding.

Please be aware that there is still one change request outstanding which relates to the phase 2 deployment plan so there is a potential for some changes, hence we have not yet released any information on the proposed coverage areas and timescales for phase 2

Kind regards,
Good Morning Owen

Thank you for clarifying the above.

Our village postcode is included in the white NGA area, and although disappointed to not be included in Phase 2, it gives us some hope that we are to be considered with the additional funding clawed back from BT.

However, I have 3 questions:

1. Does this mean that the additional £4.6m claw back funding will be sufficient to provide SF broadband to the 24860 properties identified as white NGA ?

2. Will the eventual additional roll out be integrated with the Phase 2 plan i.e. a revised plan, or will it be tagged on at the end i.e. beyond 2017 ?

3. When do you expect to publish the 'additional' plan ?


Hello Jon,

I will do my best to answer the 3 questions you have posed as accurately as I possibly can, but there are still variable outside of our control which make this somewhat difficult to do:

1. Utilising the technologies currently available in the contract with BT, covering 24860 premises with £4.6m is highly unlikely. To provide access to superfast broadband to all of the remaining premises will require both additional funding; this will come initially from the claw back and capital underspend from phase 1 of the project; and new technologies, this could be either an enhanced version of the current fixed line solutions BT are deploying, or fixed wireless technology (or a combination of both).

2. Whether or not the additional rollout will be incorporated in the phase 2 deployment plan is at this stage unclear, however in terms of timescales it is not our intention to wait until the end of phase 2 deployment to the start utilising claw back; it is our intention to deploy as soon as possible.

3. The details for phase 2 (coverage areas/timescales etc) should be published towards the end of the month, assuming all goes to plan with the change request being signed off.
In terms of any plans for the gain share funding it is too early to give any meaningful timescales.

Kind regards,
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