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Phase 2 and the new Public consultation

Ok I'm totally confused.

1. If my postcode is in the Gainshare consultation NGA Intervention Postcodes Spreadsheet, does than mean my location is NOT included in the forthcoming Phase 2 work?

2. If so, why did OL tell me several times they had recommended my village for upgrade work (Irby in the Marsh, PE24 5DQ) as we are many miles from the superfast enabled cabinet we are connected to in Burgh Le Marsh (we are still on 1mb, no increase in speed since cabinet was enabled)?

2. What comments should I be making to the email address below, including my name, address and telephone number?


Duncan Mckay.
Dear Duncan

Thank you for your message. I will try to answer your questions for you.

In relation to;

1. We are still waiting for one contractual document to be signed off before we can release information about Phase 2. You are correct in that the gain share consultation looks 'around' this phase and if your postcode appears in this data, it is very unlikely that it will be included in Phase 2.

2. The fact that a postcode appears in this documentation has no bearing on any of the works the programme are considering. If the postcodes are included and it is decided that an upgrade will take place we will simply remove the relevant postcodes from the intervention area.

3. This public consultation and the documents associated with it show the areas of Lincolnshire which we feel will form the intervention area (areas of need) after Phase 2 and we're inviting stakeholders to comment on the data. For example, a telecommunications provider may email in and specify that they are expanding their current infrastructure and will include postcodes x,y,z in their coverage - this means that we may be able to remove these postcodes from the intervention area after the consultation. A residential stakeholder may say "I believe that (postcode) should not be in the intervention area as they can get a service from (provider). They may also say things like "(postcode) has been left out" although this might be because they appear in Phase 2 or because they didn't form part of the original intervention area (i.e. the property is newly built). Some stakeholders may not feel there is a value to commenting, but this is an open consultation and we welcome all feedback.

I hope this makes sense. Please email in if you'd like any further information or if we can provide further assistance

Kind regards
Hi, many thanks for your reply. Your answers to 1 and 2 appear contradictory? I am genuinely very concerned as many in Irby in the Marsh and the surrounding hamlets/village were told by OL staff that OL would be recommending work in our area (we are all connected to "superfast enabled" cabinets that are literally miles away so we all remain on 1mbps).

Do you have an estimate on when phase 2 info will be released so we can know for sure if our village (irby in the marsh) is getting a cabinet or not?

Many thanks,

Good Morning Duncan,

Phase 2 is what BT have modelled as the next best value for money areas. Other areas discussed, like your village, are areas that onlincolnshire have identified in a completely separate exercise.

If your postcode does not appear in Phase 2 it does not necessarily mean that work will not be carried out in your area.

We are trying to get the information about phase 2 out as a priority - we will share this on our website when it is available.

Kind regards
If my postcode is included in the document does that guarantee that we will receive a super fast broadband connection in the relatively near future. We live in a small group of houses outside of Sutton St. Edmund and whilst the village receives up to 70Mbps we are restricted to 1Mbps as we are told that we are too far from the local cabinet.
Hi Craig,

Thanks for your message.

The document shows the postcodes that will not have superfast broadband after phase 2. Once all of the responses are in from the public consultation we will have a very clear view of who cannot access superfast speeds and this portion of Lincolnshire will form the next intervention area. It doesn't guarantee that a solution will be available, it shows us that there is a need in your area and the whole document defines where we are able to deploy without duplicating spend or overbuilding in areas that already have access to fast broadband.

The next part of the programme aims to increase coverage to up to 95% of the UK and we are very keen to over achieve on this target.

I don't know if you've already looked into this but you may be eligible for a satellite subsidy. Please visit our website to read more about this and to apply

Kind regards
Hi All

I am having some difficulty in reconciling the number of premises included in the various phases. According to Lincolnshire records the county has a population of c731,000, equating to c332,000 properties. Now if the Phase 1 implementation has reached the intended 90% coverage, that leaves c33,200 properties of which a maximum of 16,600 (i.e. 50%) should remain at the end of phase 2.

However the data published in the gainshare consultation document, on this site, lists c25,000 properties remaining at the end of phase 2.

Have I missed something ?

Good Morning Jon,

You may recall that the Government had an aspiration to hit 95% of premises in their UK wide Phase 2 deployment. With the original funding of £3.6M that Lincolnshire has for Phase 2 (£1.8M BDUK funds, £1.8M LCC funds), we were never 100% sure we could hit that number when we opriginally looked at Phase 2.
Since then, we have additional funding of £4.6M (Gainshare) which has prompted the Public Consultation document and with that money and any underspend from the first project, we are confident that we can hit the 95% and the c25K premises is a cautious view of where we might have been minus the additional funding.

Within the first project, we have already exceeded the number of contracted fibre enabled homes by over 2K, but as we haven't published the final numbers as yet, we are taking a cautious approach.
Thanks Steve

Does that mean that the additional funding from the gainshare and phase 1 underspend has to be spent with BT as part of their phase 2 contract, or are you free to contract out to other providers.

Good Morning Jon,

As it sits at the moment, we would likely spend some of the money with BT, but we are cionscious that we can only go so far with them before value for money disappears completely. We can and probably will spend some of the money with other providers,.

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