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Ed Vaizey in Parliament Yesterday (Daily Telegraph):

""Rural homes may face top-up fee to get fast broadbandPeople living in isolated rural areas may be forced to contribute to the cost of installing superfast broadband, the culture minister said yesterday.
Ed Vaizey told MPs that individual householders and small businesses in very rural areas may have to pay a fee where the cost of installation was “thousands of pounds”.
He also admitted that the Government may renege on its pledge last year, to give everyone superfast broadband of at least 10 megabytes per second. “I’m not going to guarantee to you that every single premise is going to get 10 Mpbs, but it should be potentially possible,” he said.
“There would be a potential cap in the amount of public funding""

Can Mr Brookes comment on what he knows please.

Patrick Sunderland. Tetford.
Good Morning Mr Sunderland.

I have to confess to not having read the article as yet, but I would make the following comments based upon what you have written.

In terms of residents and small businesses in very rural areas having to pay 'thousands of pounds'; by definition, the word 'thousands' means at least £2000 and on that basis, it might be difficult to fund that sort of connection from within existing project funding. We are driven by value for money and maximising coverage and paying out multiple thousands of pounds per connection would create a real issue.

It is interesting that the much maligned BT solution of Fibre on Demand already exists in theory and this is essentially a cost per metre installation and its existence might be driving his comments.

With regard to the 10Mb/s pledge; I have always struggled with this one in terms of actual delivery. If we look at the recent 2Mb/s Universal Service Commitment (USC) which the Government effectively signed off at the stroke of a pen by declaring Satellite as the only solution, then you will forgive me for being nervous about the 10Mb/s USO (Universal Service Obligation). My view is that the signing off of the USC was a 'cop out' and absolutely will not address the issue.

Given the track record at BDUK of not necessarily seeking and using best advice, then I can well see a situation where they persuade Government that satellite is also the answer to the 10Mb/s commitment. In truth, the use of the enhanced Fixed Wireless broadband is a more
As soon as I get something more, I will publish it.

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