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Gainshare Update

Hello OnLincolnshire

Just wondered if there was any news from the Gainshare Public consultation and if no news is there a rough time frame when the "results" may be available?

Many thanks indeed.

Good Morning David

We have concxluded the Public Consultation and have taken note of comments made by suppliers and the Public.
as a reslut, we have asked BT to model in the £4.6M Gainshare to see what that will give us.
Depending upon what comes back, we will take a view on whether to go with all or part of the model, or indeed, none of it.
We hope to see the results in the next month.

Thank You Steve

I look forward to hearing the outcome, very much hope for some good news!

Thanks again.

Hello Steve & Co @ OnLincolnshire

Wondered if there was any news in relation to the Gainshare Public Consultation?

Many thanks

Good Morning David,

We have concluded the consultation and have asked BT to 'model' the £4.6M Gainshare funds.
They will come back with a plan to address a number of premises not included in Phase 2, so in essence, provide extra coverage.
I am told that we will see the results of the modelling exercise in early October and from there, we will consider their response. I would sincerely hope that the response is good to go, but if I'm honest, I'm not optimistic that it will represent value for money, but fingers crossed.

As soon as we get the 'model' we will update our website.
Good Morning Steve

Is there any reason why you cannot place enquiries with competing companys in parallel ? It seems that the most logical, and probably the most economical, solution to us many remote rural communities lies with fixed wireless. From your previous and current postings, BT seem reticent to offer this technology (presumably due to their investment in cable) - so it is almost a foregone conclusion that the October offering will conclude that you need to look elsewhere anyway - and several months will have been lost.

Good Morning Jon,

Under the terms of Phase 2 we are waiting to see what BT will offer when they 'model' the Gainshare funding. My honest opinion, without having any indication thus far, is that it probably will not represent value for money of significant coverage, but I might yet be surprised.
Having recognised this possibility a long way back in time, we engaged with a number of fixed wireless operators to understand what they are doing and what they might offer us.
On a personal level, I believe we will need to look far more closely at them going forward, but we will see what BT come up with in early October.
I appreciate your comments re. timescales, but sadly, we are somewhat tied in terms of BT's ability to respond in a timely manner.

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