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Latest Update Relating to Further Funding and Deployment

Good Morning.

We had expected to be in possession of a new set of proposals from BT which would address the broadband needs of premises over and above what is planned in Phase 2.

These proposals were due to be with us early last week, but unfortunately, BT failed to deliver them. We are now being told that we should receive them sometime next week, but we do not yet have a specific date.

When we do receive them, we will analyse them and decide whether to accept them or not, either fully, or partially.

As soon as we agree the propsals, we will publish details on this site.

Please accept my apologies for this ongoing delay and please be assured that we are pressing BT as hard as we can.


Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
Hi Steve

Can you please clarify the apparent inconsistency OL's position between the announcement on 30th Sept (reproduced below), and your post dated 30th Aug.(also reproduced below)

'Public update regarding letters sent to communities by BT

30th September 2016

We are aware that a number of communities have been approached by BT in relation to a scheme which has been put in place requesting funding from individuals and communities to improve their broadband.

In essence, the scheme asks community members to express an interest in a fibre based broadband solution and then asks them to contribute towards the cost of the build.

This scheme isn't related to the Lincolnshire Broadband Programme and we are unaware of letters BT are sending out to communities.

Our position remains, that we will utilise existing funding from Contract 1 underspend and from what we call a 'clawback arrangement' with BT to attempt to fund additional communities over and above what have been deployed in Contract 1 or is planned in contract 2. Until we have established which additional communities/premises we can cover with this funding, we cannot support any scheme that asks communities for funding which may subsequently be covered by the extra work we are currently investigating. We hope to make further announcements shortly regarding this matter.'

'Date posted: 2 months ago - 30/8/2016 09:41




Stephen Brookes

Good Morning Jon,

There are a number of options currently available.

If you have contacted BT, they will likely come and meet the community to discuss a joint fibre build between BT and the community. Eligible premises can use their sub-2Mb/s subsidy to help with this.

Alternatively, you can do the same with one of the fixed wireless providers, assuming they can achieve coverage, or thirdly and probably last chance saloon, you can a\pply for the satellite option. '

I have attended a local residents meeting attended by BTs partnership director, and am actively seeking a budget from them - all whilst we await to see if we are being included in the additional Phase 2 funding. I understand that the residents can pool their vouchers to assist with the funding, and that BT would contribute in line with their business model. I am liasing with our neighbouring villages of Maltby and Saleby (I am in Beesby), and our joint voucher value is of the order of £60,000 - so should go a long way to cover the 'gap' fund.

Do OL take account of this voucher value in modelling the additional funding ?


Good Morning Jon,

Please accept my apologies if I have been sending out confusing statements.

Hopefully, this should clarify the position.

We are aware of the BT Community Fibre Partnership scheme and are aware that BT has, without telling us in advance, contacted a number of communities re. the scheme.This has caused some confusion.

In theory, any interested community can express their interest with BT and they will come back with an estimated cost for the work. In principle, if said community wasn't ever going to benefit from this programme, then this would certainly be an option. Again, and in theory, it may be possible to utilise the subsidy for this purpose wheree premises are sub 2Mb/s.

However, we do have a significant underspend from the main contract along with other funding. This is a substantial amount and we have asked BT to look at the remaining sub-Superfast areas to see what they can or can't do. They were due to come back to us on 12th October with a set of proposals, but not unsurprisingly, failed to do so. I am now being told 28th October is the date.

When we get their proposals, we will take a look and as soon as we approve any work, we will publish on the website.

My advice would be to by all means see what BT has to offer, but do not commit to anything until it is finally established that we will not hit your community. Remember, we do have significant funds and we are trying to hit as much as possible, so I would hate for a community to pay for something that we subsequently planned to do through the programme.

I accept this is yet another delay, but we should have a much clearer view in the next few weeks.

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