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West Lindsey back in the Lincolnshire Broadband Programme

Hi Steve,

In today's council meeting the following has been stated:-

West Lindsey District is now back in the Lincolnshire Broadband Programme as a
result of LCC finally persuading BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) to lift the embargo
on West Lindsey. As a result, we are asking BT to plan a further 3.2K premises in
the District for upgrade to fibre based broadband. We expect to see the results of
this exercise early in the New Year and will begin the deployment process as soon
as this is agreed.

Will this mean that cabinet 97 will be upgraded or ignored as it serves West Lindsey area but is located in Lincoln?


Good Morning Nigel,

In theory, it will come back into scope along with the rest of West Lindsey. I say 'in theory' because BT will now model the whole of the in scope posrtcodes and come up with a proposal.
Cabinet 97 may or may not be included, depnding upon actual deployment cost.

Hi Steve

I don't know the background to this - but is the current phase 3 deployment programme or budget allocation impacted by this ?

Good Afternoon Jon,

We had always anticipated that we would get West Lindsey back into the programme scope and therefore, there are no issues with the budget allocation that affects the existing programme.

Where the deployment programme is concerned; the original timescales will remain unaffected.

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