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Top parishes who have registered

If youve registered on our website you might be wondering how many others in your area have done the same. Go to to see the top-registered parishes.

Jenny Evans
Onlincolnshire Team
Jenny, good info but it takes no account of the size of the parish, and if you guys are thinking around a straight number rather than a % of the parish population then small parishes might as well give up now. All the Parishes listed seem to be the larger ones, a Parish like mine (Welby) only has 75 house.The county is made up of lots and lots of small communities who are being abandoned by BT. This would suggest you are following in similar footsteps. The article in your latest newsletter clearly shows how Federation of Small Businesses is concerned. We need some serious and inventive leadership to ensure small communities get a fair deal.
Hi Peter

Very good point that you bring up about the size of the parishes. This is exactly what I need from you and other communities because I need to know what you want to see (as long as we have the information). I will be changing the chart's information from time to time and will work on giving you the information you have highlighted.

By the way, I've just checked the numbers for Welby this morning and you are at 20 registered users and Friday there were 15, so there must have been activity over the weekend!

Jenny, as part of a village wide survey we are doing, asking broadband users what speeds they are getting, we are asking them to sign up. So, 20 from a total of 75 houses is a pretty good percentage. Sleaford have 50 or so sign ups from lord knows what size. I know my son who lives in Sleaford gets download speeds of 6300. That's almost the same number as many small communities in total.
Jenny, glad to see you've changed the baselines for registration. Could you not make it easier to find within the website? Either through a "heading" or a link would work. If this is going to be a key source of data for possible providers it shouldn't be so hard to access. Happy new year to all
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