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See how your area is doing compared to your neighbours!

I've grouped all towns and villages together by their size as suggested. Go here to see how your community is doing. As I said in the article I will be doing different, or the same reports for the website in the future, so any suggestions are welcome.

Onlincolnshire Team
Hi Jenny, I'm sad that so few of the Witham St Hughs (WSH) residents have signed up and taken more interest. I'm certain there must be other BB users who, like me, get frustrated with their old copper wire connection to the Swinderby exchange (particularly in bad weather). I heard that BT are supposedly upgrading the Swinderby exchange sometime this year to an LLU exchange? What are the chances of that?
Hi Richard, as of today there are 9 who have registered from WSH. You could encourage other residents to register their interest in faster broadband, maybe through your parish. If you do want to get others more involved I can send you some information that you could perhaps put up somewhere, just let me know.

Also I have put a list of BT's recent annoucements on this site, go to our news page. Unfortately, Swinderby exchange is not on that list. However that doesn't mean BT isn't going to change your exchange to LLU services, this list is for upgrades to ADSL2+ and Superfast Broadband.


I have updated the numbers for all towns and villages - have a look at the Project News page.
I cant seem to find Greyless on there even though several people from our Facebook group have filled in the form ?.
Hi Iain

I've had a look on our system and your postcode is in the parish of Sleaford and your exchange is South Rauceby.
Hello Jenny, we've just put a flyer out in Foston and would like to know how often you update the
Registrations by town and village for all parishes listing, so that we can keep an eye on prgress? Thanks Tracey
Hi Tracey

I will now have new updated reports put up every Friday so you will have a chance to see the progress more regularly.

Thanks Jenny
Many thanks Jenny, if you can do that, I'll be able to give the village a weekly update. Regards Tracey
Hello Jenny, are you able to give me a rough idea of how much longer the registration process will remain open? Thanks Tracey
The registration process for Onlincolnshire will be on-going throughout this year. Lincolnshire County Council will be going through the procurement process in June/July with a contract being awarded hopefully in the autumn. During this process the potential suppliers will be looking at which areas have the highest demand for superfast broadband. The demand stimulation side of this project is crucial and important.

Can I inquire as to why this whole process keeps slipping behind schedule? It really shouldn't be that difficult to draw up a plan of who is in the 90 percent and who is in the 10 percent given the fact the vast majority of exchanges in Lincolnshire are Market 1.

Apologies about the disgruntled tone but frankly I and many others are starting to get frustrated with the lack of real action taken to deliver super fast broadband in Lincolnshire.
All the news about north Lincolnshire is very interesting, but what is happening down in the fens?
Has there been any more registrations from WSH? I recently moved to the area and I'm shocked on how rubbish the connection is, compared with having BT Infinity at my old property in Essex.

Lost count on how many times i've had to call BT as my line is always going down - i do not understand why we have such a poor service in the village.

I am very disappointed,
Hi Jenny, I was just wondering whether upgrades to exchanges would be a viable option. FOr example where is live which is little hale we are on the heckington exchange, therefore if heckington got enough signs ups to get fibre would everyone on that exchange get fibre? In my opinion it does seem like a much more viable option. Something BT would probably do. If this was considered is there a chance of a Sign up list by exchange?,
To answer your (longstanding) question Jordan it's unknown how the rollout will take shape- whether or not whole exchanges are upgraded or just select fibre cabs in parishes. I sincerely hope it's the former as the latter could create friction within communities.,
The page given for community groupings does not seem to exist. Can you provide an up-to-date link?,
Hi Stuart

The reports are in news & events/project news and there are 4 different reports there under the first article. There is also reports showing exchanges in the 2nd article on that page. Please let me know if you don't find it.

Onlincolnshire Team,
Still no upgrade to WSH. I've been waiting 33 months for an update from BT since joining their waiting list.

I'd like to see if the developers for the 2200 new homes that have been approved to be built will be mentioning this to potential buyers or not because I certainly will be.

I've been sold fibre optic broadband packages by both BT and Sky since buying my house. I was very clear with them before committing to any subscriptions that I wanted availability checks done and have been told by both ISPs that the service is available. I've then later discovered that the orders I had placed had been cancelled due to 'unforseen' circumstances - this is quite frankly BS.

It's all good though because Holbeach and Chapel St Leonards have got super fast fibre broadband.
Good Afternoon Thomas.

Thanks for writing in.

I have just sent you an e mail explaining the position on this.

The issue at WSH is one of cabinet capacity. When BT upgrade to a new cabinet, they provide capacity for circa 20% of the number of lines fed from the cabinet. When demand exceeds this, they add line cards to cover the growth in demand.

Unfortunately, in the case of WSH, demand was such that BT now has to build a second cabinet. I am aware that this has been outstanding for a ridiculous amount of time and although capacity sits outside the parameters of this programme, we regularly chase BT on this issue.

Sadly, despite mentioning this to them regularly, they still haven't shifted. I have again written to their Director this morning in an effort to stir them from their deep slumber.

Hopefully, this will get some movement.

With regard to Holbeach and Chapel ST Leonards; it is not my intention to hold planned build across the county until BT sort our their issues at WSH.

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