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Amazing registration numbers!

On 26th January it was announced that Lincolnshire's Local Broadband Plan was approved by government, you can read the article on our News page. Since that time there has been an incredible 235 new registrations on our website - this is still very crucial to show demand to suppliers during our tendering process. We have also noticed more communities coming together as well and encourage everyone to keep talking to your neighbours to register their interest in faster broadband!

Jenny Evans
Onlincolnshire Team
As Tallington has been the fastest growth area, the Parish Council must say a big Thank You to all of its residents who responded so positively to its leaflet campaign; with over 55 registrations in the last week!

As a 'slow spot' with less than 2Mbps average speeds, we were very disappointed when a new 40Mbps Superfast Broadband cable was laid THROUGH our village a few months ago - without linking us to it!

Because of the huge community involvement, led by the Parish Council, the LCC's Onlincolnshire team is now supporting our bid to get connected, especially as we recently went top of the list of registered Lincolnshire villages.

Cllr. Ken Otter
Tallington Parish Council
Can we have a full breakdown of the exchanges as well as the parishes? For example Fulbeck, Caythorpe and Frieston are largely in the same exchange- exchange totals would help BT and other providers see where demand is greatest.
As requested, I've produced a report that shows the number of registrations per exchange. I hope this will give you an idea of what your community is doing with regards to showing demand, as well as other communities that share the same exchange as you.

To see the report go to our News page, then Project News.

Jenny Evans
Onlincolnshire Team
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