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Calcom Communications Rural Broadband Trial,

Dear all,

Calcom Communications is looking for a Lincolnshire community who are currently suffering from slow/none existent broadband who would be willing to take part in our high speed rural broadband pilot project.

We are locally based (Navenby) and have been an ISP for the last 4 years (providing services to over 100 national and international clients). We believe in excellent customer service and treat all customers as individuals.

We would be delivering the broadband wirelessly on an unlimited usage basis with speeds of 8mbps for around £20/month. We only require 10 subscribers to make the trial viable and we do not ask for any upfront payments from the community. If the trial is successful we will be increasing the speed to 100mbps+.

If you think that this would be of interest to your community then please contact us using following details:

T: (01522) 24 60 40.

Thanks for your time,

Callum Hives

(Managing Director).

Calcom Communications Limited.

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