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HI, Just joined the Forum.  I live in Mablethorpe and now get reasonable broadband.  I am one of the lucky ones.  However, the speed is not good for video.  My ISP is waiting to upgrade to something called 21CN.  I quote......

The 21CN is a more robust platform so you will experience an even smoother and more reliable broadband service.

It will also enable Eclipse to give you the newest communications services - from higher speeds to a wide range of bandwidth-hungry home entertainment services including video streaming and voice over internet.

I understand this is something BT must do at the exchange.  Has anyone heard of this and does anyone know when it is likely to happen in my area?
Hi Nick,

21CN stands for 21Century network - BT are upgrading their network to digital.

The below web link gives more detail about what 21CN is about
Hi Nick

There is also more info at:  - also including rollout dates too.

(I think you may have to cut and paste the above links)
Thanks John.  No news for my area.  There is a long list of places to be upgraded but could not find any mention of my area.  I guess I had better not hold my breath!
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