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FTTC in Sutton on Sea

Myself and many local residents in Sutton on Sea campaigned in Sandilands, Trusthorpe & Sutton on Sea to show our interest for FTTC in BT's "Race to Infinity" campaign last year and overall we managed to finish 12th in the national tables with 47%.

BT did say that our result from the campaign would be taken into consideration for future rollout since the competition ended on December 31st 2010 BT have released 3 batches of exchange upgrades and they continue to put other areas around Lincolnshire ahead of us when we clearly showed more interest than anywhere else in Lincolnshire.

Our newly elected local councilors are all backing our demand for FTTC in our area but it seems our efforts to show interest have gone to waste as many residents in Sutton on Sea feel very let down by BT & we have not had a response from the many emails sent out to them.
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