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Why can't I get a faster broadband

I live in a village called Barkston and get a very slow broadband speed 26MS Ping, Download 1.03MPS (Variable)  Upload .31MPS(variable).  Why is it so slow? I've been told I can get 20meg PS by my ISP provider but I am just not getting it.  Has BT got any plans to upgrade my exchange?  Any answer would be appreciated.
I've had a look on BT's website that shows areas that are in their plans to be upgraded. Barkston uses the Honington Exchange and unfortunately is not in their immediate plans. However, by 2015 it is Lincolnshire's Broadband plan that 90% of the county receive superfast broadband with the last 10% receiving a minimum of 2MB connection. We won't know until after we go to tender for suppliers which areas will be in the last 10%. The roll out will be in early 2013 and the potential supplier will look at different variables when selecting areas to upgrade first, with one criteria being demand registrations. I see that Barkston has 5 registrations so far while Honington exchange has 42 between the 7 parishes it shares. The numbers are important in terms of when areas will be upgraded.

Onlincolnshire Team
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it would seem unlikely that Honington would be upgraded before the rather sprawling Fulbeck exchange- which currently is scheduled for mid 2013 at the earliest.
"I've been told I can get 20meg PS by my ISP provider but I am just not getting it."

Change your provider.

You might not be able to find a faster one but I have never seen a line go from 1Mbit/s to 20Mbit/s even when an Openreach engineer has sprinkled magic fairy dust on it.

Your ISP is either lying or blatantly incompetent.

Throw your postcode on here and I'll tell you what kind of realistic speeds you could expect.

If you can post your line stats (most routers will give you these through the web admin interface), that would also be exceedingly helpful.

Terry Froy
Spilsby Internet Solutions
Honington's coverage area sprawls, with exceptionally long (and old) cables.  Getting fast broadband to everyone on it would probably involve re-laying 20km of trunk cable.

The maximum revenue to BT for doing that is down to what they can extract from less than 1,000 lines.

I'm still waiting for OnLincolnshire to come up with any sort of plan that covers areas like these.  Instead we're all about 'register and your exchange will be updated first'.  OK, great, but come 2015, how will you be persuading BT to update these remaining and unprofitable exchanges?
I don't recall onlincolnshire ever saying that "sign up and your exchange will upgraded first". The registration is a condition of the award given to Lincolnshire by BDUK and suppliers are insisting that every county in should be able to demonstrate the demand on their patch.

As for future plans, LCC still hope to award a contract later this year with the roll-out commencing early next year. Therefore, early in 2013 onlincolnshire hopes to be in a position to share some of the roll-out plans with the communities across the county.,
Whilst I agree with you Jenny that there were no assurances that "Sign Ups = Quicker Upgrade" the whole process does seem to taking an awfully long time for relatively straightforward decisions to be made and naturally people are getting frustrated.

For example, I'm (supposedly) a Digital Champion. Until a clear plan is drawn up it's incredibly difficult to infuse people in rural areas- just last week I was asked "When is Superfast Broadband coming to Caythorpe?". I had to answer "Probably in 2014 if I'm being realistic". You cannot get people to share information if there is no real information to share.

I would suggest that you publish a graphical map with where Superfast Broadband has been rolled out already, where it is planned to be rolled out (specific date) and where no roll out date has been set yet. May help PR matters.,

There are under 1,000 subscribers on the Honington exchange.  

Let's imagine that not a single person in the area has broadband now and everyone desperately wants it - so it's got the highest demand for broadband imaginable.

Maximum revenue from them, assuming the fairly likely scenario that the exchange is upgraded to 2Mbps, is therefore 1000 * 20 pounds a month, so 20,000 pounds annually (picking 20 quid as a fairly typical price for today's broadband packages).

Any reasonable company would probably expect a bare minimum of 5% return on investment, so that means they aren't going to be willing to spend more than 400,000 pounds of their own money to provide service to the area.  You match that so they have 800,000 pounds to play with.  And this is also optimistic: it pretends that every penny of that 20 pounds is profit: no VAT, no running costs for actually passing internet traffic to other people...

So, 800,000 pounds is the most anyone sensible will invest into upgrading the area's broadband.  I struggle to see how 800,000 pounds would ever cover the sort of work required.  And I fail to understand what OnLincolnshire's fall-back plan is if no-one agrees to do work because the money on the table is simply too small.
Hi Ian

Having looked at our BDUK data, we have circa 867 premises within the Honington area, which includes both residential and business.

Regarding the potential revenue, the numbers would vary for a number of reasons, such as the types of broadband packages people take up and the changes we see almost daily to the pricing of broadband packages.

Having looked at the small number of BT Cabinets feeding the area, the upgrading of the area to deliver broadband will be very much less than the £800K as suggested.

In addition, it is worth remembering that other technologies are available to support the Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology typically used by BT as their main offering.

I would agree that if we attempted to provide a fibre connection to every property (FTTH), then costs would rise dramatically, but this would almost certainly not be the method we would utilise in Honington or indeed, the vast majority of the remainder of the county.

We are confident that the money we have available will deliver the dual targets of Superfast broadband to a minimum of 90% of premises within Lincolnshire, with the remaining premises receiving a minimum of 2Mb/s.
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