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Wireless Broadband Providers ,

Hi, I live in Hackthorn, I can get a max of 2 meg with my fixed BT landline, via BTinternet. I have seen an ad from AB Internet, for wireless broadband at a speed of 10 meg for £29.99 (which seems reasonable). Does anyone use AB internet ? and can they offer feedback on the service ?

I see that the company is Lincoln based and it would be nice to go with a local company.

I also contacted Linpop, but other than ackowledging my e-mail requesting info on the service for home users I have heard nothing :(.

Thanks - Ozzie Orlowski

I have no experience of AB Internet but their offers do look decent. It's a real shame that there are seemingly no wireless companies willing to serve those South of Lincoln as there is a genuine need here for (slightly) quicker Internet.

Does anyone know of any wireless companies in and around the Fulbeck exchange?,
Edward - have you approached AB Internet? ,
They can't provide wireless for where I am (Fulbeck Exchange). A shame as their 4MB looks like a great product. The North of the county does seem to get a very good deal with wireless compared to much of the South.,
I'm sorry Edward, but I have no knowledge of any companies providing wireless south of lincoln.

Bryn, yes I have contacted them, via e-mail, 4 days ago - so far,no reply :(.

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