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What kind of speeds in Sutton?,

Hello, I recently moved to Sutton On Sea and just got my internet sorted (as in this very day). It was a little shakey at first and kept cutting off, but its been stable for a fair few hours now so I think that was just it breaking in or something. Now my current speed is 1.8mbs which is giving me around 200kbs around about actually speed, which is usable but a little bit like living in a cave :P

As I understand it, the house I am in was empty for at least a year before I moved in, and I dont think it ever had broadband. So with that information, and some accounting for line stablising, what kind of speed are other people in sutton on sea getting with broadband? Is 1.8mbs what I can expect, or should that creep up?,
In case anyone else is wanting the info, I retested my speeds just now and its popped up to 5.6mbs download which is pretty good. Of course I hope it continues on up, but thats much better. Gives around 700kbs in actual real world downloads which isnt too shabby.

With the post office (who I think resell BT unless I am mistaken),
All depends where in Sutton on Sea you are.  My parents live on the border between Sandiland and Sutton on Sea and they currently get 6mbps on ADSL MAX but they are in the process of upgading to ADSL2+ which is available on the Sutton on Sea exchange.,

If your parents can get 6 Mbps down on ADSLMax that means they are not too far from the BT exchange.

ADSL2+ is faster (up to 20 Mbps), but the line attenuation falls away faster than ADSLMax.

So, I would anticipate that your parents should get speeds of between 14 Mbps and perhaps 15 Mbps.

Very far from shabby.,
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