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Any idea when this year Sleaford will be getting Superfast Broadband?,
The Sleaford exchange is due to be upgraded in 2013. However, at this stage we have no clear indication as to precisely when that will be and whether all of Sleaford will then able to be able to access superfast broadband (e.g. BT Infinity). It is worth checking the status of the upgrade at If we receive any more information from BT we will let you know

I've read previously that October time this year for Sleaford, but I have seen the openreach crews, and it looks like they are putting the fibre in now, I suppose it depends on how well that goes as to when it goes live.
BT took an order for Infinity yesterday for me on Southfields, Sleaford. Installation date is 02 Apr. The Open Reach site still says its unavailable, however the BT commercial site says its ready to go with 35mbps download speed.
I went through Quidco and expecting £110 cashback too as I am ditching Sky for BT.. Very pleased with myself!
Hello, I live of Mareham Lane in Sleaford. Ordered the TalkTalk Fibre Large package. They state I should get 51MB. Being installed on the 10th April in the morning.

Can not wait.

Has any one in Sleaford already been connected?

Well I have been on the TalkTalk fibre optic for a few days.

Its very good. 53 Up and 14 up :-)

The webpages just load as soon as you click on the link, no delay.

I love it, strange that a BT engineer carries out the install and you get a BT modem.

I am using my Apple Time Casual for my DHCP server and it is working well.

Understand only a few installs in Sleaford to date and not available all around town as yet.
I've contacted BT Openreach, and they have said that my lines won't be upgraded until the end of June, i'm on cabinet 2, so anyone else on that cabinet will also have to wait.

if you want to find out what is available to you and which cabinet you are on, you can check at the following url :-

you can also contact openreach directly by emailing they can take upto 15 days to respond to any enquiries, you need to include your phone number and town/villiage in your email to them.

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