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Broadband Numbers in a Village,

Is there a way of obtaining the number of broadband connections in a village or area, to ascertain the number of registrations with users, so we now how much more effort is required to push for registration.,
Hi Michael

There is a report on the website that shows the number of premises in all villages & towns and also give a percentage of registrations over a period of time. Go to our News & Events page and it should be the first article. This should give you a good indication of how many broadband connections there are as I would hazzard to guess most premises can get some kind of broadband connection.

I forgot to add that the registration process will be ending Monday 28 January at the end of the day. As from Tuesday morning there will be a different message on the homepage with a brief update. We will be re-launching the Onlincolnshire website to enable people to search by their postcode to see when (and if) their area will be upgraded. ,
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