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Differnet Rollout Phases seem illogical.

Whilst I think onlincolnshire is a worthy cause I am not sure the Phases have been planned in the best way. In the village of Eagle local residents can expect speeds of 1mb. The next village North Scarle local residents can expect speeds of 7.5mb because it is closer to the exchange. This happens all the time I am sure but why then is North Scarle in Phase 2 and Eagle in Phase 8? This makes very little sense to me. The people of North Scarle already have a reasonable connection and the people of Eagle do not. Why not include Eagle in Phase 2?

I assume there must be a technical reason for this?
Good morning Kevin,

Thank you for taking time to write to us.

When we signed the contract with BT, we had a number of key objectives in terms of coverage and value for money etc. Given the highly dispersed nature of a large number of the communities within the county, we knew we faced a challenge in gaining maximum benefit from our investment.

To that end, we took a view that having set the deliverables from the contract, we would allow BT to deploy their infrastructure in a manner that took account of their existing infrastructure and any ongoing build they were undertaking through their commercial rollout. In doing so, we would gain the most economically efficient and technically sound solution.

However, to answer your specific question re. Eagle and North Scarle, the phasing was decided upon what end result could be achieved. North Scarle, being closer to the telephone exchange, can be best served by a standard Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) solution, whereas the people of Eagle will see some people benefit from the FTTC solution, but those further out from the Exchange will need alternative technologies to provide upgraded connections.

In terms of the 'Alternative technologies', there are a number of options going through development/testing at the moment and the timescales around Phase 8 deployment will allow for a more sound solution to be provided at that point in time. Not ideal for the people of Eagle I agree, but we are looking to provide maximum benefit from the investment.

Please do keep in touch and we will update you as we progress.

Kind regards,

Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
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