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Fibre to the Distribution Point

I have been wondering that if there is no BT cabinet in a village such as mine (Sutton St Edmund) could fttdp technology be utilised instead. The DP in the centre of our village is 2 miles from the BT cabinet, which then must mean that there is already 2 miles of ducting/infrastructure already in place for the copper phone lines running from the cabinet located to the south of the village to the dp, albeit a dp, which when I have seen BT Open Reach engineers working there, has always been full of water. So does a dp point in a village, which as I understand from a previous enquiry may only finish up with 2 meg in phase 8, obviate the need for a cabinet in the village, and if so, could the present ducting infrastructure be used, and so consequently cancel out any need for expensive digging, which I am sure BT wouldn't do anyway. And from my own research, it seems that pushing new fibre cable down present ducting isn't actually all that expensive in comparison to having to dig as well. So if that could happen within the BDUL/Lincolnshire budget, I guess we would see at a guess 30 to 50 meg, instead two. What do you think On-Lincs.
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