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Birchwood Cab 34

Hi, first - please can you shed some light?
The back story:
We have just moved into a newly built set of flats in North Hykeham, we seem to be in a Virgin Media cable area but although we are surrounded by cable, the flats did not have cable installed nor did the Council notify VM of the build so they (VM) did not and subsequently cannot hook us up to their service. They (VM) claim it will take at least 18 months for them to even consider it due to rules placed by councils with regard to new builds and roads as well as being the only one making inquiries, too much effort not enough reward from just "one" household.

Because we are a new build, your postcode checker does not recognise the code - so no joy there either.
Openreach are extremely vague with their information stating that we are in the roll out plan, FTTC is available and taking orders. BT wholesale only show ADSL and ADSL2+ upto 8mbps. Although the reality is less than 3.5mbps. And No dates for FTTC. This is strange, our last property (little hale, lincs) had clearly defined dates for 2015 and we had faster broadband. Can't believe we've moved to what seems like the dead zone of North Hykeham.

Can someone please check when FTTC will be available to (SLBWD) Birchwood Cab 34? If it is even in the plan for an FTTC upgrade.

Thanks for this resource, much gratitude,

Good Morning,

Birchwood Cab 34 doesn't appear in our rollout plans and on that basis, we would assume that BT has it covered under their commercial rollout plans. However, it is a worry that your postcode doesn't seem to be covered anywhere. I would think that because it is a new build, then it wouldn't have been included in any plans we put together as our postcode data was put together several months before we signed the contract in March 2013.
Can you please send me your full address, postcode, landline number (in confidence) to my e mail address below and I will look into this further.

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