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Sutton on Sea

I've noticed that where my parents live in Sutton on Sea that there are a few spots that are due to be getting NGA cabinets installed in August. They are connected to cabinet 3 but the nearest cabinet that's on is about 150m up the road away from cabinet 3. Can you give me any info please. Thanks
Good Morning Matthew,

Apologies for the delayed response.
Sutton on Sea Cabinet 3 sits within phase 5 of this project and will be enabled during the period Jan. 2015 to June 2015. We may well stand the cabinet shell well in advance of this period, but I will check to see when they are likely to stand that particular cabinet with BT, when we have our regular weekly meeting on Thursday.

Could anyone give me information about Sutton on Sea cabinet 11 - I was told that the exchange (FttE) should be connected by the end of September but we are still waiting
Any information would be good.
Good afternoon Howard

This cabinet has been enabled. Please could you email me your full address so that I can look into your connection for you?

Kind regards
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