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Kirton Cabinet Progress


Is there anyone here that would be able to tell me the progress on the remaining cabinets on the Kirton exchange? I'm aware around 5 have gone live in the last week or so but unfortunately none of them reach me yet. Unfortunately I'm not even aware what cabinet I'm on but I'm trying to find out at the moment.

I'm hoping they will be going live week by week but I'm not sure If that's how things work.

Good Morning Matthew,

Thanks for qwriting in to us.

there are 11 cabinets in Kirton which fall into Phase 4, so duwe for upgrades between October this year and March 2015. There are an additional 2 cabinets in Phase 6, (between April 2015 and september 2015).
We are alittle ahead of sechedule in Kirton and will continue to press hard to complete all cabinets ahead of schedule if possible.
In terms of which cabinet feeds you, if you wish to E Mail me (In Confidence) to my address below I can give you the information. Please provide landline number and full address/postcode.


Thank you for the response, I have connected you via e-mail.
Hi Matthew,

Thanks and I have sent you an E Mail.

Hi Stephen, has there been any further development on Cabinet 3?
Hi Matthew,

Kirton Cabinets 3 & 5 both require power connections that were delayed. These will now be done on 17th September, so I am told Cabinet 3 should be ready for the end of the month.

I live in Wyberton and can not find which cabinet serves me. I spoke to someone, possibly you Steven about when I might get a connection and it seemed like the answer was never? Is this correct?
Good Morning Robert,

Thanks for writing in to us.

Can you p;lease send me your full address, landline number etc. to my E Mail address below (In confidence) and I can look into this further.

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