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Skellingthorpe - Old wood

Looking for suggestions to get around my problem of poor bandwidth. Currently we are achieving anywhere between 400 and 800 Kb over the landline ADSL2+ (used to get a stable 1Mb on plain old ADSL!). DLM very often re-profiles the line and we are limited to a whopping 384Kb. The Mobile signal is very poor so no chance of a 3G dongle, Wireless broadband seems to be a no go as we are not line of sight to the masts in Lincoln. Satellite is prohibitive on cost grounds. Any plans to bring this area into the 21C?

Any comments/help much appreciated

Good Afternoon Marek,

Thanks for writing in to us.

If you would kindly e mail me with your landline number and full address (including postcode) in confidence, I can take a look and establish what's going on. My E Mail address is below.

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