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Upgrade for Bicker

Hi. Do you have any clear info on timescale for Bicker? Onlincolnshire lookup for PE20 3 suggests Phase 3 but Maps would point to Phase 1 or 4. We are served by Donington Exchange Cabinet 6.
Hi Andrew,

Donington Exchange, Cabinet 6 is in Phase 3 and should be completed before 31st December.
We are at an early stage on Donington 6, but should have more news by mid-September.

Any further news on Donington Cabinet 6?

Is there any way of predicting likely speed outcomes, if we are say 1.5-2 km from exchange?
Netflix for example recommend 25 Mbit/s for Ultra HD streaming.
Good Morning Andrew,

Donington Cabinet 6 is still scheduled to complete by 31st December, but we will try to get a more accurate date at tomorrow's meeting with BT.

From the graphs that I have and it should be emphasised that these are theoretical models and there are a number of factors that can adversely affect speeds, 1.5Km is in the range of 20 - 24Mbs and 2Km looks more like 12 - 16Mb/s, but as I said, these are theoretical numbers.

Hi there

I see Donington Exchange is now enabled but I can't find any details of timescales for specific cabinets. Openreach maps are really just saying 'in the pipeline'.

Do you have any info (or links) to show progress?
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