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Phase 2 Late?

I am on Spalding Cab 50. I am told this is part of Phase 2 which is between March 2014 and September 2014.

So as we are now on the 1st of October and there is no sign of any work going on at Cab 50 I have to assume that this phase is running late.

Is there any way to get an ETA on when this might happen?
Good Morning Mark,

We are having a few issues with some cabinwets in Spalding and there are some minor delays. we expect this cabinet to come before the end of October.

Still no sign on this one as October came and went. End of November? Later?
Hello Mark

Apologies but there have been unforseen delays relating to this cabinet and BT have now said that it will be stood at the end of December

Kind regards
So December came and went however cabinet 50 started appearing on the weekly project update list. It then slipped to January but was still shown each week.

But on this weeks update, Spalding Cab 50 is no longer listed and it hasn't yet been upgraded so what gives?

Have OpenReach decided not to bother and crossed it off the roll out plan or has it just slipped so far out that theres no point listing it any more?
Good Morning Mark,

Spalding Cabinet 50 isn't due to be sttod until the middle of this month (see update of 24th December). On that basis, we didn't report further, but now that we have reached the middle of the month, we will update from now on.

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