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I was wondering if you had any further information regarding the status of the Tetford exchange? The latest information I came across seems to suggest it would be going live in September. Any further updates would be grand
Hi Andrew,

Please see text from my reply of last week to another resident of Tetford. We hope to complete very shortly.

I have spoken with BT and they say that they will have commissioned the cabinet by 16th October. Within 10 to 14 days from there, service will be available.

We will update the website as soon as this happens.



I cannot see your previous response so I hope I am not asking you to repeat yourself.

BT Openreach's website recently went to EA for my postcode (LN9 6QQ) but has now changed to ?. My supplier (BT) indicate that fast broadband is not available on my line but have no other information. I suspect that I may be on an Exchange Only line as no cabinet number appears on the wholesale checker website (although it does say the DP is external to the end users premises). No-one I have spoken to is aware of the location of any BT cabinets in Tetford. Is there a plan to install cabinets? Also what is the position with fibre to premises (the openreach site showed this against Tetford); do these fibres go through cabinets or direct to the exchange and what sort of timescale are we looking at for this?

Any additional information would be helpful - many thanks.
Good Morning David,

My apologies if your previous enquiry went unanswered. I don't know how we missed it, but please accept my apologies for the subsequent delay.

We are dealing with a number of cabinets off Tetford Exchange; Cabinet No.1 which feeds Belchford is now 'Live', Cabinet 2 which feeds Fulletby is in progress (Planning) and Tetford itself is primarily EO (Exchange Only) lines and these are planned to be upgraded later in the programme, phase 6 to be precise, so you can expect to see upgrades available between April 2015 and September 2015.

With regard to Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), this technology would be fed via a new cabinet we would install, but at this point, we are looking at what works best at Tetford in terms of cost and end user experience. There is no doubt that FTTP is the optimum solution, but it does bring high costs with it and we are looking to achieve the correct balance between speed and cost.

In some areas we are moving ahead of schedule and attempting to bring in as many completions as we can, as quickly as we can, so please do keep in touch and we will be happy to keep you updated.



Any further update on Tetford's Exchange Only lines given that we are now in the Phase 6 period?
Good Morning David, The EO lines off Tetford are scheduled to be completed by 30th September and at this point, BT are sticking to that timescale. I am not aware of any issues with that date, but equally, they haven't indicated they would complete sooner than that. I suspect it will be towards September for completion but we will get more information as we move into June. Regards steve
Good Morning David, The EO lines off Tetford are scheduled to be completed by 30th September and at this point, BT are sticking to that timescale. I am not aware of any issues with that date, but equally, they haven't indicated they would complete sooner than that. I suspect it will be towards September for completion but we will get more information as we move into June. Regards steve
Thank you Steve.

A single cabinet has appeared on the roadside about 30 to 40m from the exchange. Given the geography of Tetford, based on a rough large square of roads rather than having a conventional centre, and the distances involved, a single cabinet will have limited benefit to properties on the northern side of the village where the school, pub and church are located. Is there a plan for a second cabinet to serve this area?
Good Morning David,

thanks folr taking time to provide the detail and we will take a look at the coverage achieved by the introduction of the new cabinet.
As you point out, it could well be that some premises may not fully benefit from this work, but we will take a closer look when we have completed and take an objective view on what remains.


We have done a bit of digging since your last response. A BT Openreach manager has indicated that 4 to 5 cabinets would be required to provide a decent service but has admitted that there is no plan for anything beyond the single cabinet for Tetford. Even worse, the speed at that cabinet will be only 20MB/s, meaning that the majority of the village will gain no improvement in speed at all. Our current service is poor for the speed reported, which I suspect means we have a very poor contention ratio.

I cannot understand why, when Fulletby has had a fibre optic cable laid from the Tetford exchange to their cabinet - something reported to be uneconomically viable in your own assessment, and Belchford has a good service also from the Tetford exchange, so little effort has been expended to provide a service to the largest village in the Wolds. The village has a primary school serving many of the surrounding villages and hamlets, a GP surgery doing the same, an inn and other locations providing accommodation and caravanning facilities and a number of other commercial activities. New houses continue to be built (although they have serious difficulty in obtaining telephone and broadband facilities once occupied).

We believe the current position is unacceptable and look forward to a serious review of how superfast broadband can be provided properly to Tetford.
Good Afternoon David,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I can't comment on the Openreach manager's comment other than to say it was a comment made outside of and without the knowledge of this programme.
With regard to Fulletby, original costs for this cabinet indicated a very high cost. When I actually looked at it on site and asked BT to survey, the actual cost was far lower than the theoretical, hence the decision to complete that work.
With regard to Tetford, we will complete the programmed work and see what the end result looks like. From there, we will assess what's left and add any remaining sub-Superfast postcodes to the review list that we have. At that point and based upon what remains, we will ask BT to survey again to see what else we can do to improve things.
In terms of your comments re. little effort has been made in the largest village in the Wolds; this project is about maximising overall coverage across the county with the available funding and doing everything we can to arrive at a key project objective of 90% Superfast coverage across the county.When we complete the planned work in Tetford, we will closely analyse what's left.
Stephen, some questions following the Tetford meeting and further chat outside on 22 july pls
1. what exactly were your stated targets for tetford/salmonby 93%? 5%?2% by end sept 2015?
2,what speed range did you say that the school might get - i thought you said 15-40+ mbps?
3 pls define 'tetford'/ salmonby on map and number of properties/premises .
4 what does the planned second cabinet do that the first one could not have done if it had been colocated with the exchange and fibre connected?
5 did you say that ERDF (or other?) funding is tied to business benefits?
TIA dick fowler
Good Morning Dick,

Answers are as follows:

1. In our theoretical modelling, Tetford looks like 93% Superfast, 6.2% between 2Mb/s and 15Mb/s and 0.8%
Thanks stephen. modelling figures noted. so about 430 properties will get 24mbps superfast.

i would appreciate answers to my other questions (2-5 in my message 26 july) AYEC.

obviously, i am concerned as to what happens if the school end of the village ends up getting only about 15 mbps. cause, whether distance or line degradation etc does not really matter. from a technical perspective presumably plan B involves fibre to a.n.other cabinet or, FTTRN Nodes if only a few properties are affected.

or are we in the same situation as Uffington, nr stamford? They are analagous and properties at the opposite end of their village to the cabinet getting about 15 mbps have apparently been told by owen that any improvement will depend on underspends elsewhere.

many thanks dick fowler
Good Morning Dick,

My apologies, I did reply to all questions, but our Forum seems to have only pulled through a part of my message.
Anyway, here we go again.

2. School should get circa 24Mb/s to 40Mb/s
3. The actual numbers are in my file which isn't with me at the moment, but I will provide them later
4. The second cabinet is necessary because with all Exchange Only (EO) lines, we have to provide both an old style (copper) cabinet and a new style (DSLAM) cabinet
5. The ERDF element was to allow us to build additional infrastructure in areas where there were eligible small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This work has been completed.

The school end of the village will be examined more closely when we complete the build, but as I mentioned previously, we cannot guarantee or indeed upgrade BT's existing copper network. When we see the end user speeds, we will get a clearer view.

With regard to any potential underspend, when this is agreed in around 12 months time, we will look at what, if any underspend we have and then look at how to best utilise this funding to provide maximum value for money and coverage.

good morning stephen,
thanks i look forward to your definition of 'tetford', strictly 'tetford/salmonby' (map) and property/premises numbers.

not to beat about the bush, is there a contingency in the current budget to provide a second DSLAM cabinet (or FTTRN NODES) with fibre link to the other end of the village if the single DSLAM does not deliver to this big and growing village?

i ask this because:
the meeting understood that "the school will now expect a 45mbps service" (parish council published emails) . you now say "school should get circa 24-40 mbps".
There are implications not only for the school and pub but also for speed drop off for properties on the periphery of this spread-out ring village around the 1.4-1.5 km line distance from the DSLAM.
People in a similar situation in UFFINGTON, near Stamford (an analagous village) get 15mbps.They have been told that any improvement will depend on underspends.

many thanks
dick fowler
Good Morning Dick,

We don't have a specific contingency fund, but we are looking at utilising any potential underspend we may have at programme end. Should we arrive at this position where we have residual funds, then the use of it will be governed by the key principles of value for money and numbers/levels of coverage achievable.

In essence, any secondary spend will depend upon how much, if any, is available and how areas with need fit within the VFM/coverage scenario. For example, as I said at the meeting, we would not be inclined to spend £50K providing a link down a farm track to one building where we could spend the same amount and provide superfast to a much larger number. We only have a defined amount of funding and the most efficient use of it is key to any decision we make

With regard to the school, numbers are indicative and as I mentioned at the meeting, we will need to see what the actual looks like post implementation. There are several key factors that can affect end user speed so we cannot and will not commit to anything specific at this point in time.


There seems to be a lot flannel going on about the broadband in Tetford. When is some one going to tell the truth, as there is no fibre around the village we are still going to be on very old copper wire? Bt had the opertunity to lay some new cable when the electric was put underground but didnothing. During term time my broadband runs at an average of 6.5 mbs per second but in the holidays can drop to less than a MB. I can not see this changing. We were told that the cabinet on Salmonby road near the exchange would be live in September an yet it has only just been connected, and is still not working. As it is the only one how will those on the other side of the village benefit from it unless a new cable is laid round and several more cabinets installed?

Good Morning.

Thank you for taking time to write to us.

I am rather disturbed that you believe that someone isn't telling the truth re. Tetford and the broadband upgrade. To clarify the postiion (the position that was presented to the recent Parish Council meeting I attended); we have never stated that we would provide fibre around Tetford. It has always been the intention to provide a new cabinet close to the Exchange and to utilise the existing copper cables that feed around the community. This technology aligns with the technology we have deployed across the county.
With regard to BT not utilising a joint trench exercise with the electricity company to renew cables, I cannot comment on this. It sits outside the scope of this programme and falls under BT's normal commercial activities and only they would be able to answer that question.
Having looked at what BT plan to do under this project, we believe that circa 93% of premises within Tetford will receive Superfast broadband post deployment.
I accept there has been a delay with the positioning of the second cabinet due to issues around its location, but we are dealing with this and hope to complete shortly.


We are currently in a position of having two cabinets in place, with the exchange side of the PCP wired up but no further work able to take place because Carillion have, thus far, failed to put in ductwork between the two cabinets.

(My understanding is that the Carillon team who installed the PCP and ductwork to the exchange phoned their supervisor to say that they were there, had a hole in the right place and a council permit to work - could they put in the duct between the cabinets. In apparent defiance of common sense and logic the supervisor said no! The sub-contractors who did the cabling attempted several times to get them out to install the duct before they had finished the rest of their work without result.)

We are already approaching a 2 month delay (which will be longer by the time providers are able offer service) - can you apply pressure to get this and the additional wiring that will be needed done quickly?
Good Morning David,

I have sent the enquiry to BT and as soon as I get the answer, I will update this thread.

I am the landlord at the White Hart Inn, Tetford
I was struggling to run my business on the old broadband service I kept spending lots of time and money trying to make it run as good as it could. then I found out that another local village had been on the new service for a considerable amount of time running through our exchange.
I have been eventually connected to the latest service.
I am very unhappy with the increase of speed going on to the so called superfast broadband on some occasion it is not even faster than the previous broadband service. When we upgraded from dial-up to broadband there was a significant improvement, that had to last a good while. This latest so called improvement will be over taken by the mobile phone network in months. I am already having problems with my card machines not being able to connect and not collecting payments. Why should it be so hard to run a good business in a rural location.
I was referring to this new service as slightly fast now I am not even sure it is worth calling it an upgrade.
what a complete waste of time and £40 million
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