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Why OnLincolnshire v2.0 is so important

Work has been progressing to upgrade the various street cabinets connected to the Exchange in Heckington, and it seems that many of those in the village (who probably had a reasonable ADSL line speed anyway) are seeing the increased benefits of FTTC.

However, those of us who live in the rural areas surrounding Heckington have seen no benefit whatsoever because we are so far away from the Street Cabinet, let alone the Exchange. My cabinet was upgraded two weeks ago, and the advertised speed for FTTC is actually LOWER than I currently get for ADSL. Neighbours can't get FTTC AT ALL, despite being on the same cabinet; presumably because they are too far from the Street Cabinet.

If my reading of the Public Consultation documents is right, it looks like OnLincolnshire v2.0 might address these sorts of issues; presumably by putting Street Cabinets into local communities that currently don't have one? Otherwise, all that OnLincolnshire will achieve is making the digital divide even wider between those that have (and had before) and those that didn't have and still don't!
Good Afternoon Craig,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

Sadly, FTTC does only provide benefit up to a certain distance from the cabinet and end user experience is adversely affected beyond a certain distance.

That said, we are aware of this and will be looking to deploy alternative technologies to the more remote premises under phase 2 funding. The technology we are looking at is Fibre To The Remote Node (FTTRN) which effectively extends the fibre closer to the end user, thus reducing the length of copper and moving speeds upwards.

We are still not able to deploy this as yet, but will be looking to do so under the second phase.

It's early days with regard to Phase 2 but we will be posting updates as we progress.

That's very useful information and certainly makes sense. The way to really make a difference it to extend the Fibre as far as possible, but obviously recognising the costs of doing that. I'd see public money as a good way of achieving what would otherwise not make sense commercially. Presumably this approach would also help to address some of the crosstalk issues that vectoring is supposed to solve?

BTW, put me down for the trial. There's a very suitable telephone pole only 50 yards from my house!
I too am suffering the same issue, living in a village of outside of heckington and told the following "Unfortunately, although that line is served by an enabled cabinet, the predicted speed is lower than the minimum required for our fibre-based service, which is 2 Mbps. This could be because there is too great a distance between the property and the cabinet or exchange". So despite a cabinet being within a mile and the exchange within 2 miles of my property there will be no upgrade here.... The advisor I spoke to today stated it was unlikely to ever be available which begs the question are there any rural communities which will benefit?

I have the telegraph pole that serves several properties in the village in my garden so would love to be a trial for FTTRN if it meant I could get anything above my current speed.....!
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