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Fulbeck exchange...

The Fulbeck exchange is scheduled by BT to be updated in December- do we have an update as to how the fibre rollout is going in this (relatively) large exchange?

There seems to be quite a lot of work going on in Syston/Marston- is the fibre "spine" being laid to Ancaster?
Apologies to bump this post but I would like to know what work is going on around Leadenham/Fulbeck/Caythorpe please- thanks!
Good Morning Edward,

We have 7 cabinets in total associated with Fulbeck Exchange. Three of them are in Phase5, so due to complete before the end of June and the other four are in Phase 6 and due to complete by the end of September.

What are the typical timescales for the cabinet to go live as the fibre, power and copper has been connected to Brant Broughton which is Phase 5, is it still likely to be another 4 months before it goes live?
Good Morning Andrew,

we are trying to complete as much work as possible in advance of programmed completion dates and we are certainly moving forward in your area, but as yet, I haven't a firm completion date from BT.
At this week's meeting I will see if BT can give me a clearer view.

New cabinets have been installed in Caythorpe as well with lots of work going on this week.
Hi Steve
Thanks you for the feedback and look forward to the update. There is some fantastic work happening however there seems to be confusion in the village as to when and what will be available with many people in despair over the current service and fairly unaware of what is coming, other than a limited amount of information some incorrect being circulated via community organisations.
I appreciate that it is very difficult to give people dates as there are many unknowns and the reality that an estimated date is often regarded as the delivery date can lead to negative perceptions, but I do think it important that as much information is communicated as to progress and the planned simple sequence (maybe rather than specific dates) of live cabinets over the next 4-6 months would be a valuable tool to ensure uptake and stop the word of mouth rumour network of we’ve seen a cabinet go into but are being told it could be June before it goes live as consumers, village folk especially, don’t work in PRINCE2 stages.
All the best

Hi Andrew,

Steve has just left the office to travel to a meeting and will not be back in the office today, he has asked me to let you know that he will respond in the morning.

Kind regards,
Owen Williams
Programme Support - Lincolnshire Broadband Programme
Thanks you for note, I appreciate this is a bit late in the day as far as the programme. but the thought occurred to me that part of the issue is that there is no simple indication of what is happening, to elaborate on my previous comment, other than via postcode search which people don't understand the granularity. The maps have very low clarity other than a small splodge of colour, however your cabinets enabled this week/WIP list is very clear as to what is happening where.
Good Afternoon Andrew.

My apologies for the delay in responding.

I can fully understand the need to provide project updates as often and as accurately as possible.

However, because of the nature of the deployment we have broken the project down to 8 implementation phases which span 6 months each, although the following phase will start at the mid-point of the current phase.
Given that there are over 800 cabinets in the project and that there are a number of variables which sit outside of our direct control, e.g Power connections, Traffic Management, railway crossings etc. we have resisted the temptation to specify actual completion dates.
We have taken a view that we will update on completions and on problem cabinets that fall into delay, whilst answering specific enquiries that come into the project.
Not ideal I agree, but when you add in the fact that Exchanges and their cabinets do not mirror Wards, Districts or communtities, it is very difficult to be specific with regard to reporting against actual cabinets against communities. We then move into the realms of setting expectations by quoting actual dates and when these are missed for whatever reason, people become very upset.
We are happy to take specific enquiries, but at this point, I cannot justify the additional expenditure of more people at both LCC and BT trying to drill down and report on the fine detail around every cabinet. I am comfortable that BT are managing the deployment effectively and that we have a sufficient handle of what is going on and can demonstrate that we do respond to individual enquiries.


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