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Woodhall Spa

I see that Woodhall is scheduled for Phase 3 ending December 2014. Could you confirm that this is on track please and that Cabinet E2 is included in the planned roll out.
Good Morning Mike,

Thanks for taking time to write in.

At this point, Cabinet E2 is scheduled to complete by the end of this year and I'v e nothing to the contrary from BT. I will ask again this morning, but in the absence of any further updates from me later, please assume it's still on track.

Nothing seems to have progressed. Has the work been moved back? If so, when is it now scheduled please?
Good Morning Mike,

Cabinet E2 was completed on 10th December. The only outstanding cabinet from Phase 3 in Woodhall is Cabinet No.6, which we are looking into.

Thanks very much Steve.
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